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Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online is the most leading online stock broker with the best investment solution. Vijay Singhania is the owner and Vikas Singhania is the Executive Director of the Trade Plus Online. It has various brokerage plans for life time, especially designed for its potential customers. Get the best stock market investment services by selecting the efficient broker like Trade Smart Online. They will guide you in all kinds of investment and stock market exchange.

The Trade Smart Online will guide you to find best brokerage service online among all. They will assist you to open the trading account. It provides the cheapest online brokerage plan and helps the clients to do the trading in currency and commodity.

Trade Smart Account Opening Charges and Annual Maintance Cost

Account Opening Charges and Annual Maintance Cost

  • Trading Account Opening Fees – Rs.200
  • Trading AMC – Rs.0
  • Demat Account Opening Fees – Rs.200
  • Demat AMC – Rs. 300
  • Own DP Service – Yes

Trade Smart Online is a discount trade brokerage that will give you multiple options in trading. The entire product and services of the company include equity, trading in currency and commodity trading. You can switch to any other brokerage plan during the trading. You will get the immediate response of the brokerage online during trading. Trade Smart Online defines the share brokers and also helps to interact with the account opening process.

Trade Smart Brokerage PlansBrokerage Plans Trade Smart Online have three types of brokerage plans

  1. Power Plan(15/order)
  2. Value Plan
  3. Unlimited Plan Rs. 1999 Unlimited Trading / Month Onwards

Trade Smart Brokerage Charges

Brokerage Charges

Account TypePower Plan(15/order)Value PlanUnlimited Plan

Rs. 1999

Unlimited Trading
/ Month Onwards



Fixed Price



Rs. 1999


Equity Delivery BrokerageRs 150.007%Rs.0
Equity Intraday BrokerageRs 150.007%Rs.0
Equity Futures BrokerageRs 150.007%Rs.0
Equity Options BrokerageRs 15Rs 7 Per LotRs.0
Currency Futures Trading BrokerageRs 150.007%NA
Currency Options Trading BrokerageRs 15Rs 7 Per LotNA
Commodity Trading BrokerageRs 15Rs.007%NA



Trade Smart Transaction Charges

Transaction Charges

Equity Delivery0.0035%
Equity Intraday0.0035%
Equity Futures0.0024%
Equity Options0.0715%
Currency Futures0.00165%
Currency Options0.06% 


You can get a live chat support on their website. This brokerage is very cost effective and also best suited for the large volume traders. You can also refund your money if you don’t trade online in a particular month. This has no minimum commitment and you can use the software free of charge. There are basic features of pro plan you can avail. This includes: free alpha trading system, exchange authorized live data, excellent exposure and margin limit, zero cost NEST trading. The best online equity trading with the effective Trade Smart Online can lead you to the new dimension of the trading online.

Trade Smart Pros

Benefits of Trade Smart Online

  • Faster Transaction made cheaper trading
  • Active Support
  • 2 Decades of solidarity
  • Best pricing plans to meet requiremnets
  • Technology driven services


Trade Smart Cons

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