Best Discount Brokers in India

Welcome to the top 10 online brokers. Ever since the time we started the section, we have focused on the decent analysis of the several discount stock brokers to present you the best discount broker in India. Yes, if you are looking for the perfect discount broker, the search ends here. Amidst, exploring the various broking companies, Question might have arisen in your mind “Who is the Best Stock Broker in India?” You can portray a clear image for the same by having a quick glance at our website by comparing renowned Indian share brokers listed in NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, CDS segments.

Moreover, we are intended to bring into notice the set of qualities acting as the benchmark to find out the Best Broker in India. For that, we have presented the comparison among the top stock brokers in India on the basis of some crucial parameters. The points of comparison discussed later include brokerage, margin and other comprehensive stock trading applications.

In the hurry to trade in and out, one must not vitiate the possibility of making a good profit in trading through the best share broker. In the very beginning, we have introduced the discount broker which has appeared at the leading position on the overall comparison basis. However, before heading forward in the trading voyage, check how to be a buoyant trader, know more about the categories of brokers and subsequently, compare them to perceive the best share broker in India as per your needs.

lowest brokerage fees

Best Discount Broker in India 2021 – By Traders’ Choice 

Wisdom Capital has been appeared as the Best Stock Broker in India by traders’ choice for online stock trading. The points which make it highly admirable Indian share broker are:-

      • Pioneer in offering Lifetime Zero Brokerage trading account without any hidden charges
      • Highest Leverage Broker in India
      • Best Online Trading Platform & Mobile App in India
    • Best in class Customer care services

Pioneer Stock Brokers In India

wisdom capital

Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital is one of the best discount online brokerage firm in india.
zerodha stock broker


Zerodha is one of the indian financial services brokers in the market.
online trading account

ICICI Direct

Founded in the year 2000, ICICI Direct is the best online trading platform.
kotak securities best trading company

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is a stock broking section of Kotak Mahindra Group in India.
sharekhan logo


It was established in 1992, Sharekhan is a leading full service broker firm.
paisa builder

IDBI Paisa Builder

Established in 1993, IDBI Paisa Builder is the branch of the IDBI Bank Limited.


It was established in 2008. It’s demat is registered with CDSL,MCX, BSE, NSE.
top 10 stock brokers

Angel Broking

Established in 1987, Angel Broking is the best full services provider in India.
upstox logo


RKSV, is also known as Upstox, it has started in the year 2012.
sas online

SAS Online

SAS Online is a discount brokerage firm incorporated in 1995.
top 10 stock brokers in india

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is the subsidiary of HDFC Bank Limited , Started in 2002.
5 paisa


5paisa is a part of India Infoline (IIFL), that was incorporated in 1995.

How To Become A Successful Online Stock Trader In Indian Share Market?

In order to deploy in the direction of your trade, you must contemplate some of the key factors of online stock broking. Brokerage is the charge taken by the Share broker for executing your orders over the Stocks and commodity exchange and it varies broker to broker. Some brokers offer free brokerage in all segments to encourage retail investors to invest in stock market. Brokerage decides breakeven points that are entry and exit to the market. Margin required to trade in any segment, as the stock market is all about understanding the manipulation of all correct and incorrect decisions. The more you continue with margin trading, it will be easier for you to earn a profit with other’s money as high risk lies on broker’s end and lower risk lies on your side. Software plays a major role in the stock market trading. How fast and easy to navigate between your needs. Customer Support is a key factor to hinder risk when there is high liquidity in the stock market. Profit depends upon the taking position in the market (buying/selling) at the correct price. Buy at less and sell at more. For a better trading experience, you need to know about the brokers first.

Best Stocks & Commodity Brokers in India : Their Category

As we know, there are innumerable stock brokers in India. They all have the aim to be at the confluence of cutting-edge technology and financial segments. These share brokers are further divided into two categories.

Full-Service Share brokers in India

Full-service brokers are the ones who offer higher brokerage charges depending upon the volume of your trade. Unlike discount brokers, trade associated with such brokers is quite high-priced.

Some facts about the Full-service best share brokers in India

  • They are good for delivery based trading.
  • They also provide additional services like tips on research and investment advice.
  • They offer costly intraday trading.
  • Best Online Trading Terminal & Mobile Apps
  • Brokerage generally depends upon the volume of your trade.

Discount Brokers in India

“Discount Broker” is a preferred broker for online traders as it works on minimal brokerage charges (Fixed flat rate) resulting in low trading cost. Although it offers discounted brokerage rate it doesn’t provide any investment advice. It has presented the revolution in the field of trade as earlier traders with less capital were unable to pursue trading. But due to the discounted or low brokerage rate, they are also enjoying the profits associated with a trade.

Is Discount broker in India dominating Full-Service Share Broker?

    • Full time brokers works fine for delivery based trading while discount brokers are satisfactory in all market segments.
    • Traditional brokers  provide additional services like tips on research and investment advice.
    • Although services like research calls are provided with full service brokers still intraday trading become highly expensive due to high brokerages.
    • Discount brokers avail upgraded trading terminal & mobile apps while full time brokers’ trading tools do not follow the pace.
  • Best discount broker even offers the free trading services. However, with full service brokers, brokerage increases generally depending upon the volume of  trade.

Best Discount Brokers in India – Why to choose?

  • Lower Brokerage
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Best Online Trading Platform
  • Best Mobile App for Stock Trading
  • Higher Leverages or Intraday exposures

Best Share Broker in India – Necessary Traits

SEBI registration

SEBI is extended as Securities and Exchange Board of India. Its registration really matters for any firm and adds value to it.

Exchanges Enabled for such brokers

Check if they have a membership of exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX to ensure credibility.

Being a veteran of the market

A well-experienced firm can always enhance your trading. Experience never goes in vain, therefore their expert articles and daily updates make your decisions savvy day by day and hence the more you explore, the more you gain.

Technology upgraded platform

They should have smart trading technology with a user-friendly interface available on desktops, web, and mobile so that you can run your trading screen anytime and anywhere to place orders in a fraction of a second.

List of Best Discount Brokers in India Vs Traditional Stock Brokers

List of Top 10 Discount Brokers in India and Top 10 full-service Stock Brokers in India.

full service TOP 10 Stock Brokers IN INDIA Top 10 Discount Brokers in India
ICICI Direct Wisdom Capital
Kotak Securities Trade Smart Online
ShareKhan Zerodha
Axis Direct Upstox
Motilal Oswal SAS Online
Angel Broking SAMCO
Ventura 5paisa
Nirmal Bang Prostocks
Bonanza Tradejini
Aditya Birla Fyers

In the table given below, we are comparing the Top 10 Discount Brokers in India on the basis of following aspects:

Compare Top 10 Discount Stock Brokers In India And Find Best Discount Broker In India

List of Discount Brokers trading Account Opening Charges demat Maintenance Charges Brokerage in NSE all Segments Nifty Future Breakeven Point Brokerage in MCX/ncdex Crudeoil Breakeven point Intraday Leverage/Exposures in MIS Highest Delivery Leverage Margin(CNC) Nifty Margin in MIS Nifty Limit in CO Gold Mini Margin in MIS Gold Mini Margin in CO Your Annual Savings (Rs.)
Wisdom Capital Free Lifetime Free 0.00% 1.84 0.00% 0.5 Upto 200 times Upto 5 times for CNC 7,370 3700 1850 1474 53975
Zerodha Rs 200 Rs 300 Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 2.15 Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 1.07 Upto 20 times 0 for CNC 24008 9015 7377 4,168 43195
RKSV Rs 200 Rs 150 per year Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 2.56 Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 1.07 Upto 20 times 1X for CNC 10005 10065 11804 4,350 43195
SAMCO Zero Rs 400/year Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 2.56 Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower 1.71 Upto 15 times for 3X for CNC 23881 9390 7345 4900 40195
SAS Online Rs 300 Rs. 200 Rs 9/trade 2.86 Rs 9/trade 0.9 Upto 20 times 3X for CNC 30010 10045 11705 4200 46950
Trade Smart online Rs 200 Rs. 300 Rs 15/executed order 3.84 Rs 15/executed order 1.03 Upto 5 times 3X for CNC 24000 29974 8000 2362.94 45980
5Paisa Rs. 650(1 time) Rs. 400/year Rs 10 /executed order 2.19 Trading in MCX is not available 1.07 Upto 15 Times 2X for CNC 30000 9350 NA NA 46600
Trade Jini Rs. 300 Rs 300/year Rs 20/executed order 2.13 Rs 20 per executed order 1.07 Upto 20 Times 1X for CNC 30001 NA 7377 5000 43150
Prostocks Zero Rs. 1000 Rs. 15/executed order 2.62 Trading in MCX is not available NA Upto 5 times 1X for CNC 45000 9950 NA NA 45900
Fyers Zero Rs. 400/year Rs 20 /executed order 2.23  Trading in MCX is not available NA Upto 15 times 1X for CNC 24039 NA NA NA 43950

Best Online Discount Broker in India: Important points to be considered

Selection of online discount broker or full-service share brokers or as per your need.

  • Zero Account Opening Charges
  • Lowest Brokerage Charges
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Best Online Trading Terminal & Mobile Apps
  • Hand Holding (For Beginners)
  • FREE Tips & Reports
  • Low AMC Charges /No AMC charges

Onset requirements while choosing a perfect discount broker in India

Every individual wants to earn money for fulfilling his/her wishes and to accomplish future endeavours. Not everyone entering the stock market becomes rich and neither gets bankrupt, it is just a game where money flows from less aware people to the wise man. It is just like a market where you buy anything at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. If you are the small trader you will have to wait for the right time and opportunities to make the profit.  And, penny stock broker offering discounted rates can really works fine for you. Understanding the market will be a primary focus. The way you understand the market, it will be easy for you to make a profit and to eradicate all the major risks.

Think vigilantly while selecting any of best discount broker or top full time broker

Check if the share broker you are choosing is having the quality you want. There are numerous brokers listed in exchange and providing services in all over India. Broking is segmented as online as well as offline. Online broking is carried forward by the people who have sound knowledge of technology. Discount brokers are preferred as they provide online trading platforms as well as the reporting tool to track the trades. You do not need to meet the broker and all your work will be completed online, from account opening services to contract notes. But you will have to depend on your own strategy and trading experiences or you will have to subscribe to services. Apart from this, Offline trading is to do with traditional brokers who charge high brokerage offering you all services like 3 in 1 Demat account having all features like saving the account, Demat account and trading account. The stockbroker will provide you tips and advisory along with terminal and they can provide a separate relationship manager who will be helping you to keep growing your money.

Gathering important aspects to be compared in best discount brokers in India

Top 10 Discount Brokers in India By Lowest Brokerage Charges

If we talk about the fees charged by brokers, whether in the case of full-service brokers or discount brokers then the discount brokers will appear as the one charging lower brokerage than full-service brokers because they do not charge you according to the order value of the trade. We are giving best discount broker for beginners in India list. You can also compare the charges associated with some other brokers to get better services at a low cost. Else, search for lowest brokerage in India for online trading.

For opening a low brokerage trading account offered by top discount broker, you can go through the following points:

Check your requirement: – Just like you go shopping you need to filter your needs and have well-evaluated choices to make a decision that in what manner you will proceed your trade by using software, mobile or web application.

Choose a broker with high in demand and reputation: – Broker high in demand offers you more services than the brokers who are obsolete. Many brokers who have a number of clients justify that they have been successful in delivering services so far with fewer complaints. Check who is trending.

Be aware of miscellaneous fees: – Broker high in demand offers you more services than the brokers who are obsolete. Many brokers who have a number of clients justify that they have been successful in delivering services so far with fewer complaints. Check who is trending.

Broker Brokerage Account Opening Charges Demat Maintenance Charges Ranking
Wisdom Capital 0.00% in all segments, Lifetime Free Zero Rs.700 + taxes for Lifetime 1
SAS Online 9 per trade Rs.200 Rs.200 per year 2
5 Paisa 10 per trade (One Time): Rs.650 Rs.400 per year 3
Trade Smart Online 15 per trade Rs.200 Rs.300 per year 4
Zerodha 20 per trade Rs.200 Rs.300 per year 5
Upstox 20 per trade Rs.150 Rs.150 per year 6
SAMCO 20 per trade NIL NIL 7
Prostocks Zero Free If paid Rs.2500 then Free AMC Lifetime 8
Tradejini Rs.300 Free Rs.600 (free for the first year) 9
Fyers Zero Rs.600 Rs.400 10

Best Online Trading Platform in India by Top 10 Stock Brokers

The company’s reputation is firmly on the line while considering its technological aspects. So before giving the nod to selected share broker, check the features of the best trading platform it is dealing with. Like it should have the best mobile app in India and also updated web and desktop versions.

Online Trading Tools: – Now you need a place where you can apply your strategies to make money. The more market exposure you have, the more convenient it will be for you to trade in the stock market.

Advanced trading platform means there should be proper charting and less execution time. Millions are counted by 1 drops. From real-time streaming quotes to the mobile app all are important. It should also possess cutting-edge & sharp technological features, top-level security, easy-to-use interface.

Broker Trading Platform Ranking
Zerodha Desktop –PI, Web-Kite 1
Wisdom Capital Desktop –Nest, Web-Express 2
Upstox Desktop –Nest, Web-Upstox 3
5 Desktop –Nest, Web-HTML 5 4
Trade Smart Online Web-NOW (By NSE) NEST
(By Omnesys Technologies)
SAMCO Desktop: SAMCO NEST Trader, web: SAMCO Web Xpress 6
SAS Online Desktop –Nest, Web-HTML 5 7
ICICI Direct Trading Terminal: Trade Racer,
Web: Share Trading Account
Angel Broking Desktop –Angel SpeedPro,
Motilal Oswal Desktop-Orion Lite, Web-motilaloswal 10

Best Mobile App in India by Top 10 Online Brokers in India

Best Discount Broker in IndiaTo steer a vehicle in the direction of your trade, you need something extraordinary, so the brokers competing in the market brought a platform which will make your trade quite convenient. This has emerged in the form of Best Mobile Trading App in India, many brokers are providing such an app, but the one, which is fastest and easily accessible will be in trend. This mobile trade app gives you the rhythm to check out trade-related updates on the go. The most valued quality of this app is that it makes your trade efficient. The rating for different stock brokers in terms of the mobile app is given below:

Broker Mobile Trading App Ranking
Zerodha Kite 1
Upstox Upstox Pro mobile app 2
Wisdom Capital Trade Eye 3
5 5Paisa Trading & Robo Advisory 4
SAS Online Alpha Mobile 5
Trade Smart Online SINE 7
Motilal Oswal MOSLAPP 8
ICICI Direct ICICI direct Mobile 9
Angel Broking Angel Swift (tablets/smartphones/mobiles)Angel Lite (mobile/tablet) 10

High  Exposure Discount Stock Broker in India

Best Discount Broker in IndiaWhen rollover of fees and dividends needs to be carried out, the risk level has to be foreseen. Traders at the onset stage start their trading at a low margin to have the glimpse of risk management to cut losses. But on the other hand, veterans in the market prefer high margin to magnify their profit. So sometimes leverage acts as a double-edged sword as high margin increases the chances of activating stop loss. So in order to have the idea of High Exposure Brokers in India, you can go through the chart given below where rating regarding the top 10 brokers is shown individually.

Broker Leverage Display Ranking
Wisdom Capital NSE: 60 times in equity,F&O: 10 times, MCX: 10 times. 1
ICICI Direct NSE: 40 times in equity,F&O: 10 times, MCX: 10 times. 2
Trade Smart Online NSE: 40 times in equity,F&O: 10 times, MCX: 10 times. 3
Upstox NSE: 20 times in equity,F&O: 2 times, MCX: 2 times. 4
SAS Online NSE: 20 times in equity,F&O: 5 times, MCX: 5 times. 5
Zerodha NSE: 20 times in equity,F&O: 2.5 times, MCX: 2.5 times. 6
SAMCO NSE: times in equity,F&O: times, MCX: 10 times. 7
5 Paisa NSE: times in equity,F&O: 2 times, MCX: 10 times. 8
Motilal Oswal NSE: times in equity,F&O: times, MCX: 10 times. 9
Angel Broking NSE: 40 times in equity,F&O: times, MCX:  times. 10

Best Brokers in India as per Customer Support Services

customer support

Are you spending your own cost to communicate to customer care or you have got a toll free number. When you call customer care it means you seek help. Now there is a point how good you are being served there, if you are not being served properly means you are not going to get a good experience.

Stockbrokers in India are updated with the latest stock market news and fluctuations to make their clients aware of such things and to have the best return value. So they have the cooperative customer support team that usher its clients in the context of any trade-related query. They must deal as a tech-savvy to ensure trust among customers.

The interactions with old clients are also taken into consideration time to time by this support team to notify them with best trade deals. The team also maintains client base on its portfolio to ensure proper account management. The table given below shows how much effective such stock brokers are, in terms of customer support services.

Broker  Phone Support Toll-Free No. Live Chat Agent Ticket system Relationship Manager Ranking
Wisdom Capital Best Stock Broker Best Stock Brokers Best Stock Broker India Best Stock Brokers India Best Stock Broker in India 1
Trade Smart Online Best Stock Brokers in India Top 10 stock Brokers Top 10 stock Brokers India Top 10 stock Brokers in India Best Discount Stock Broker 2
ICICI Direct Best Discount Stock Brokers Best Discount Stock Broker India Best Discount Stock Broker in India Top Brokerage Firms Best Brokerage Firms 3
SAS Online discount stock brokers best discount broker discount brokers in india best online share broker in india best online trading account 4
Zerodha best online trading account india best share broker best stock broker in india best trading account top 10 discount brokers in india 5
Motilal Oswal top brokerage firms top discount brokers top share broker in india best online broker in india best demat account in India 6
Upstox Top 10 stock brokers in India top 10 stock broker in india top 10 stock brokers in india top 10 stock broker top 10 stock brokers 7
Angel Broking top 10 share broker in india top 10 share brokers in india top 10 share broker top 10 share brokers Best stock broker in india 8
5 Best stock brokers in india Best stock broker Best stock brokers Best share broker in india Best share brokers in india 9
SAMCO Best share broker Best share broker Best share brokers top 10 online stock broker top 10 online stock brokers 10

Best Discount Stock Brokering firms: Availability of Exchanges

There are many active stockbrokers in the era of trade and technology. So to select the top discount broker in India, you need to know various essentials associated with such brokers. To propel in the direction of fruitful trading you need to choose best trading account. Availability of stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX and few others make it clear that you can count on these brokers as they have the membership of popular exchanges. The name trending as the top 10 discount broker in India 2018-19 is Wisdom Capital.  The broker allows trading across various market segments like equities, F&O, commodity, Mutual Funds, IPO etc. BSE which is extended as Bombay Stock Exchange is the pioneer among all exchanges in India and it is active since 1875.

Best Indian Share Brokers by Reputation

For any online discount broker or full time broker, it takes some time to get in the groove. It is difficult to make the flawless design at the beginning, which affects their reputation. So to gain the trust and to become a dependable brand, they are working hard. Lowest brokerage charges or other technological aspects like finest trading platforms, high leverage or exposure and best mobile app, Wisdom Capital has proved its solid existence in all such measures in the matter of few years only. The other brokers can compare key traits of the broker to revive in the industry.

 Best Demat Account in India

What is Demat Account?

Best Discount Broker in India

In simple words, Demat account is the account where shares and securities are held electronically. When you buy shares with your trading account then they would be stored in your Demat account. After that, If you want to sell, they would be taken back from your Demat account to the trading account and sold in open stock markets at BSE or NSE or any other stock exchanges. 

If you want to kick-start your trading, you apparently need to know about some renowned Demat Account providers. We have mentioned some of the best Discount brokers in India to let you turn to the best one. With this, you may select the Best Demat Account in India while exploring the List of  Top 10 Demat Account providers.

Brokers Rank
Wisdom Capital 1
Trade Smart Online 2
Zerodha 3
SAS Online 4
5 Paisa 5
Upstox 6
Prostocks 8
Tradejini 9
Fyers 10

Best Discount Brokerage firms in India: Conclusion 

Trade Commissions: Low trade commissions/Brokerages are biggest advantages to exit your positions. It will bring your break-even point to the lower value, that will help you to make easy profits. Best discount brokers often offer low brokerage charges. Besides this, if you make more trades there will be more chances to make profits in an Indian stock market. A number of trades increase the probability of making profits.The biggest expenditure you are making is your brokerage.

Explore List of Discount Brokers in India:- Brokers providing free brokerage or 0.00% brokerage in all segments like Wisdom Capital, are more suitable for investors and traders and rank above like Zerodha (free only equity delivery ), Rksv (free only equity delivery ) and many other brokers.

Other Fees: – Things like service taxes, security transaction charges, transaction charges, stamp duty should be kept in mind as these charges vary broker to broker. Trades you make happen in lakhs and some percentage may be hard to pay sometimes. Also if you keep on counting such things it will be disappointing at some level.

Market Research: – If you are getting market research from your broker, it doesn’t mean he is guiding you a lot. It means he is expecting you to trade more over the exchange. But if you are getting updates, it means you are updated, simply watch them properly to have better trade experience.

Investment options: – A full fledge broker allows you to, not only trade in stocks, but also a strong selection of no-load mutual funds, ETFs, IPO, and complex options. Many brokers offer commission-free ETFs as well. Other unique investment offerings to look for, could include direct market routing, conditional orders, futures options trading and forex trading. A mutual fund is also the safe investment.

The state of the broker is marked by its capability to deal in various aspects like flexibility, technology, and different financial segments. As we know, there is an extensive range of the stock brokers in the country. So, we have covered the adequate measures that should be considered while selecting the best discount  broker in India. We hope that the broker’s comparison done on the basis of different attributes may help you get what you are actually looking for. Explore smartly to rise as an astute trader and enjoy intelligent trading ahead.