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Perform in stock market with Best Trading Platform in India

There are number of trade platforms emerging now a days to help traders right amidst all the chaos. You can rely on such trade platforms to understand the market dynamics. However, you need to get the best trading platform in India. Among the large network of stock brokers, there are only few who upgrade their trading platform timely. So as to be ready for the current market demands. Several traders find difficulty in trading when they do not know how to operate the trading platform. So, check if the trading platform you are getting has the precisely written instruction manual. The trader’s ease at trading is the preference of few brokers only rest are busy thinking of their own profit first. The right approach in trading can be attained with the top online trading platform in India. You may find the best plans by focusing on the necessary insights. Compare the features and select the perfect trading terminal in India.

Some of the prominent stocks, options, future, equity trading can easily spread their tentacles with the help of trading platforms. A rabble of traders still prefer stock brokers, discounted or full service providers.These trading platforms have unique features which separate them from one another. We are giving the important elements of the right online trading platform here:

Essential qualities of a top trading platform in India

  • Fast real-time execution
  • Advanced computational capabilities
  • Cutting-edge & sharp technological features
  • Top-level security
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy categorization of transactions.
  • Charting tools
  • Backtesting

Your trading pros can turn in to trading cons if the platform you are using, is not reliable enough to deal with your trade objectives. It’s the matter of seconds, when profit can turn in to loss for intraday traders. They really need to look at the trading they want to proceed with. To conquer volatility in the market, one needs the perfect trading platform that may not create trouble during peak market hours.

How the best trading platform can be chosen, let’s have look at the points necessary for the same. Check if the trading platform you are choosing is free of cost. For quick understanding, we can take the example of brokerage firms and tools which are described below for you convenience. Stock brokers we have discussed below are the ones who provide the credible trading terminals.

Wisdom Capital  

Best online Trading Platform in India

It provides zero brokerage plans in equities and other avenues at NSE/BSE, also in commodities at MCX/NCDEX. The broker can be a good option if you are searching for the right trading platform in India. It is user friendly. It also enhances depository trading services. It provides NEST trading platform, NOW trading terminal and also supports analytical trading by offering the Fox Trader to its clients. In addition to these trading platforms in India, it  provides the intelligent source of trading. Fox Trader has nice in built features that encourage well analyzed trading. Moreover, it is also considered as one of the best trading platforms in India.

It has also launched its mobile trading application, which is named as Trade Eye where you can get all the information regarding your trade activity. For the pragmatic idea you can visit the link given below: 

  • It’s efficient in terms of updates and notifications.
  • You can directly place order using this app.
  • Its portfolio management is good.


Some survey has given the report that Wisdom capital is a trade platform which has continuous connectivity during market hours with out any hung up issues.

Order Types:

It provides additional order types like Bracket order, cover order and trailing stop loss etc. And the reliability is also good.

Charting Variables:

Wisdom Capital charts can be accessed any time during both market hours and off market hours. But the trade tiger charts are not operational few hours during off market hours. To be frank, the tools on wisdom capital are mostly operational whenever you need them.


Best online Trading Platform

It also provides day end reports, which separates it from other trade platforms.

Zerodha PI

It’s a next generation trading platform came in to existence recently. It has 80 technical analysis indicators as its special feature. Charting, scripting etc are some other features of Zerodha PI. The trading platform is quite popular in Zerodha’s clients. The features are fine but sometimes people face hung up issues with the trading platform. As it’s new to the market, it will take some time to build trust among investors.

PI bridge gives great connectivity from programming tool to trade engine. You can easily process orders using this PI bridge.

Best online Trading Platform India
Zerodha Kite

It is an trading application launched by Zerodha. It provides over 100 indicators and 6 chart types with bandwidth consumption of less than 0.5 kbps for full length services. Zerodha Kite is another trading terminal as Zerodha PI. However it is web based trading platform.


Best online Trading Platform in India

RKSV is a discount broker which has offered the trading platform named as Upstox, it is built in such a way that it gives competition to other trading platforms in India. It acquires the following characteristics.

  • Global search in terms of exchanges.
  • You can track bracket orders in real time.
  • Secured with encryption.
  • You can directly place order.
  • It gives efficient performance.

Trend Scanner

Trend scanner is a tool which works on technical parameters, besides this it follows Intra-day price movements and defines market trends like:

  • Bullish
  • Bearish
  • Miscellaneous.

ICICI Trade Racer

Best Trading Platform in India

It is another online trading platform which gives you access to noticeable market opportunities. It has a new outlook which is different from other conventional trading platforms. It has certain features that make it appear in the best trading platform in India list in the full-time broker category.

India Infoline Trader Terminal (TT) is a trading platform which is especially made for Indian Traders, it is designed, keeping in mind the ease of these traders so that they can easily achieve their trade objectives. It has the following features :-

  • Real time market watch
  • Buy / Sell window
  • Designed for trade
  • Fast & confirmed order execution
  • Secured
  • Easy to use

It is easy to trade using this platform as it supports easy user interface. They provide decent charting facility but less than what is provided by Amibroker. Investors, even at nascent stage of trade can easily access it.

We have described the leading trading platforms in India that have cutting edge technology features. They follow modern terminology. The approach and programming is done in such a manner that even supports the intelligent trading approach. The information given here is true and unbiased. One can find the top trading platform in India here and start online trading at ease.

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