Top 10 Nutrients Served In India


Top 10 Nutrients served in India

The foremost question before dabbling into the depth of this blog is that, are you really aware of the important nutrients that set you healthy for today’s lifestyle? Amid the busy life you all are living, take a few minutes to think about the required food nutrients essential for the proper growth and development of the body. In today’s life, people could not have envisioned about the consequences that might occur after imbalanced and unhealthy diet. Under the purview of this article, what I am intended to say is all about the food-items enriched with necessary nutrients that have the gravitas to form the healthy human body at work. When we see delicious cuisine, the inability to resist the food cravings occur. It’s quite common, but it also hampers the visualization of after effects for the same. Some essential nutrients that boost your body mechanism are vitamin, mineral, protein, fat, fiber etc.

India has a great variety of food items. Most of the regions have some special cuisine to cherish. You can relish on such items as they are full of taste and health. Along with the well flavored nutritious items, you can conquer the health issues with the help of physical activity. Mesmerizing and dreamy view with bonfires plus the cuisine fit for royalty feels good. Meanwhile, the eatables full of taste and nutrition let it propel into the full swing.

When you are planning hard to lose weight, you need not worry as there are many nutrients dense foods available in India. These food items are nutrient-rich. Reaching the balance and maintaining a healthier diet can be easy and simple.

What is healthy food?

Healthy foods are natural foods without any artificial ingredients. Such food items are brought to keep your body strong with the healthy nutrients in the eatables. The food is full of taste and health. Generally, Vegetarian foods which are organically grown and with no additives serve the purpose of healthy food eaten for its dietary value and advantageous for health.

Reducing the quantity of all junk foodstuffs and switching over to the nutritious eating like plant-based foods can have a mind-blowing effect on one’s body mechanism.

Categorized display of Food Entities:

Food that protects the body (Vitamins and minerals) includes Green Leafy Vegetables, Milk and other dairy products, fruits, protein-rich eggs, some flesh foods and different veggies.

The list of Top 10 nutrients served in India as special components of healthy Indian Food involves:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and serves the purpose of the healing of the wounds and the prevention of sickness. It plays the role in building up the strong immune system and reduces the risk of certain type of cancers. Also functions as a cure for the common cold.

The intake of 90 mg of vitamin C for adult males and 75 mg each day for females is essential.

Vitamin C Resources:

Oranges, strawberries, broccoli, Mango, Pineapple, Watermelon, and Papaya.


It enhances the hemoglobin level and red blood cells in the body. It enables the blood to smoothly transport oxygen to the body’s cells. Which further reduces the unwanted fatigue. Brain utilizes approximately 20% of the oxygen in our bloodstream which really affects the brain health for better functioning. And it’s also required for contraction of muscles.

With the proper diet food chart, one can take into account some major and commonly available iron-rich food source. The intake of at least 8 mg of iron from a variety of foodstuffs available is quite necessary. Sushi’s outside layer is enriched with iron. The below mentioned Iron resources can be easily found in Indian vegetarian diet recipes. It also contributes to the human body with the intake of walnuts, fortified cereals, seeds.The iron deficiency leads to anemia.

Iron Resources:


1 cup = 6.43 mg of iron


1 cup = 5.2 mg of iron


1 cup = 4.74 mg of iron


1 cup = 3.39 mg of iron

Vitamin A

It is very important for maintaining good eyesight and strong immune system. It plays physiological roles and improves the tissue growth. The high deficiency of such a nutrient can cause night blindness and extreme dryness of the eyes. A well-balanced diet plan can help in absorbing an adequate amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A Resources:

Egg, milk, carrots, squash, spinach, yellow or orange vegetables, and some other leafy green vegetables.


Around 15% of the average human body weight is comprised of protein. It functions as component pertinent for the healthy growth and development of the body. It is a boosting source at the time of the workout. Many essential amino acids are also good for human health that can come from easily available food items.

Women within the age group(19 to 70) usually need around 45 grams of protein every day and men with same age require 55 grams regularly.

Protein Resources:

Beans, soy, meat, nuts, grains, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Fish, and eggs.


Carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy body. It acts as a protective substance for Central nervous system and brain, and also guards against the disease. There are three categories of carbohydrates: starches, fiber, and sugars. The body requires it daily and half of your carbohydrates come from whole grains. And it is found in daily cooking Indian menu.

Reap the benefits of carbohydrates from the eatables mentioned below:

Carbohydrates Resources:

Citrus fruits, melons, apples, berries, pears, bananas leafy green veggies, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli etc.

Dietary Fibers

According to the scientific community estimates, Fiber is now considered as the sixth major nutrient essential for the body. As it gives protection against type-2 diabetes and heart disease, it is highly recommendable by the doctors.

Some research shows that the people who intake high-fiber diet have a 40 percent lower risk of any heart disease. It also reduces the risk of kidney stones, low blood pressure, and inflammation and may help in lowering total blood cholesterol

Dietary Fibers Resources:

Beans, oats, Brussels Sprouts, Lentils, Avocados, Whole-Wheat Pasta, and  Oatmeal.


The major role of calcium is to maintain the strong and healthy bones. It also controls Blood Pressure and protects your teeth by keeping the jaw bone well built. Calcium ensures the right shape of the body.

Women require 1,000 mg intake of calcium daily while Men require the same quantity which is increased to 1,200 mg every day after the age of 70. The health problems associated with the weak bones can be in the form of low bone mass, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis.

Calcium Resources:

Milk and its substitutes, Calcium-fortified foods and beverages, cereal and fruit juices, Cheese, yogurt, nuts etc.

Vitamin B12

It helps in regulating the energy metabolism and therefore appears as an energy enhancer. With the additional feature of endurance booster, it really helps the sports person.

It reacts to deal with Immune system disorders. Also acts as an intensifier in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Vitamin B12 Resources:

Milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt etc. Other food items with it are meat, fish and Some soy and rice.

Minerals and Water

Minerals act as the metabolism boosters and help to support the body. They play role in strengthening strong bones and teeth. Staying properly hydrated is really important. Commonly known minerals include zinc, calcium, iron. They are good for blood pressure, and muscle relaxation.

Here, zinc takes care of the immune system and helps in quick healing of wounds. You all must be aware of How important water is for your survival? It redeems body temperature by removing waste toxins, takes nutrients to all the cells. With dehydration, one can feel tired and lose focus and physical performance.

Minerals and Water Resources:

Almonds, cashews, Mushrooms, pumpkins seeds are some mineral-rich components. While Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, squash seeds are enriched with high minerals volume. Spinach, kale, and turnip greens are other alternatives for the same.

Vitamin D

This nutrient is also termed as the sunshine vitamin. Other than Sun, there are other foods and supplements to ensure adequate levels of Vitamin D.

The nutrient carries forward the growth and development of bones and teeth and also fights disease, memory problems (age-related).

Besides reducing the depression, it boosts weight loss. Lack of Vitamin D can cause fatigue, aches and a sense of feeling low with reduced energy level.

Vitamin D Resources:

Cereal (fortified), milk (fortified), yogurt (fortified), orange juice (fortified), egg yolk etc.


Selecting the nutrient-rich edibles and beverages is a better choice for your daily eating plan. The points given below reflect the eatables which might work as a fuel to your health and enhance your development in any aspect.

  • Foodstuffs with chopped nuts or fat shredded sharp cheese to get crunch let you feel the flavor as well as the nutrients from the first bite.
  • Colored fruits and 100-percent fruit juice are the nice options to feel refreshed while doing physical exercises.
  • Whole-grain, fiber-rich grain foods are nutritious enough with carbohydrates.
  • Fat-free milk/toned milk, cheese, and other dairy products can do wonders in filling you with protein and calcium.
  • You can prepare creamy oatmeal by adding milk. Also mix in some dried cranberries, raisins, cherries to make it much more nutritious.
  • Whole-wheat macaroni and cheese is a great way to enjoy a whole-grain food with a serving of dairy.
  • You also have other alternatives in the form of ready-to-eat favorites such as broccoli or carrots, whole radishes, cucumbers, celery sticks arranged in a beautiful way and salad can also serve the role of refreshment full of health.
  • Grilled vegetables with baked potatoes topped with salsa, and fat-free cheese all these food components are good to eat and cooked easily in the way you want.
  • The multi-grain bread with a layer of creamy peanut butter and pineapple fruit jam give the astonishing feel when tasted.
  • How can one forget a cup of coffee-well flavored as you want reduces the workout pain and boosts the memory.


An imbalanced diet leads to the various health disorders. Unhealthy eatings envelopes the body immune system and reduces the immunity. Which further results in health issues.

Malnutrition is one of the often heard health problems in India.  It is the state where an individual does not get enough protein, calories, minerals, iron-like substituents. Consequence emerges in the form of malnutrition and undernourished body.  The trouble arises can be explicated in the form of the thin body, very poor energy levels, and swollen legs and abdomen. People also encounter various infections and suffer the frequent cold.

The prevailing problem of malnutrition in India can also be diminished up to a certain extent with the help of balanced diet. Serving the food power packed with nutritiousness can act as a health savior. Packaged or processed food items should be checked properly with the expiry dates before serving.

You must be acquainted with some estimated facts regarding food and nutrients in India:

  • Even after an extensive growth in India’s economy poor and hungry may have failed to get benefit from overall growth. As they are deprived of essential nutrients required to run the body mechanism in a proper way.
  • 1/3rd of the malnourished children live in India. According to estimated data, around 38.7% of the children under 5 are stunted.
  • WFP, extended as the World Food Programme is the food assistance branch of United Nations. It generally focuses on addressing hunger and promoting food security. Being headquartered in Rome, it has the wide network of 80 countries across the world. It has been existing in India since 1963. They try to evaluate and improve the food regarding safety nets including the school meals and necessary nutrients.

You ought to visit healthy Indian vegetable list and opt weekly menu planner for a healthy lifestyle. You can also go for certain south Indian balanced diet chart for a week so as to change the taste while being healthy. Above nutrients menu served in India portray a clear image that India is full of nutrients required for proper working of the body. They may be seen on the food products as a nutrient label. The product label displays the measured quantity of such components.

You can also download the Indian meal planner app. Such apps reflect the healthy food items list, healthy foods to eat every day for perfect skin, foods you should eat every day to lose weight, daily food for good health and also unhealthy food list to make you aware of the food products to avoid.

By selecting nutrition rich products, you can pep up your health and lifestyle. The List has consolidated all the necessary nutrients and the sources. One can refurbish the fitter body by plumbing into the Indian diet plan for weight loss in one month. While enjoying the mesmerizing bonfires you can order the cuisine fit for royalty by choosing lowest calorie Indian food in a restaurant serving the healthy Indian food choices.