List of Discount Brokers in India

By choosing best discount broker in India, you can diminish your outlay up to a great extent. So you can count on some of the prominent discount brokers emerged with the best plans for your trading. Besides the zero brokerage plans, some of them are providing best trading platforms in India which can enhance your trade activity. They are equipped with trading tools and some additional features. The real catch of your trade is selecting a right broker. There are many firms catering brokerage services and the bad thing is that many of them are brags. As they don’t implement their presented plans in a true sense. So be evaluating in choosing a right broker for you.

Since the year 2010, some full service brokers have adopted the business agenda of discount brokers and started offering lowest brokerage plan in India. IIFL and Master Capital are among those traditional brokers who now offer discount brokerage plans.

Zerodha and RKSV are pioneers of Indian discount brokerage industry and are well known today. They offers Rs 20 per trade brokerage. This allows traders to execute trades of any size and pay flat Rs 20 brokerage on the trade. But Wisdom Capital has outperformed the other brokers by its zero brokerage services in India. It’s a good option if you are a beginner and want to follow zero outlay plan in terms of brokerage.

It is true that everybody spend too much time on web these days, but people cannot always be at their computers. So, it is pertinent that you find some other alternatives the company offers for placing trades. Make sure that you take note of the charges for such options because they often differ from an online trade.

Discount Broker’s background

It is also important that you look into the background of the stock brokers who are active these days. Then you should carry out your analysis before you buy a stock. It is not good if you come up with something unexpected about the stock broker once you have an agreement. The reputation and working strategy of a share broker do matter a lot, by this its credibility is displayed in a better way.


Discount Brokers in India

Best known for below mentioned traits

Wisdom CapitalLifetime Zero Brokerage and Highest leverage provider
ZerodhaTrading Platform/Zerodha Pi
UpstoxUpstox Pro Mobile App
Trade Smart OnlineSpin Trading Platform
SAS OnlineKnown for fixed brokerage monthly plan
SAMCOStarted Indian trading league
FyersKnown for thematic investment platform
Trade Plus OnlineBest known for Rs 99 monthly plan
5 Paisa.comOnline IPO
ProstocksStampduty manipulation