Finvasia Review


Being incorporated in the year 2013, Finvasia has emerged as a recent rival to other existing stock brokers. As it is new, it came with the concept of zero brokerage to allure people towards its plans and services. But according to some reports and analysis, we came to know about the fact that most probably, they are charging for the stamp duty in Chandigarh, as no stamp duty charges are applicable in commodity segment there, Finvasia is using it for its own profit. Besides these manipulative stamp duty charges and new trading platform, it will take some time to gain the trust of traders.

There is a misconception in our society that in the stock market one can easily earn money. It is true that one can earn well in this market, but for that, he needs to have some knowledge as well as decision-making skill that can lead to metamorphosis of trade in to transaction. As a result, opening a trading or Demat account with a amenity provider is not enough to gain more. One needs to know the market structure and trades associated to the varying trend through out the global unit.



Before choosing Finvasia as your stock broking service provider, you need to know, what sort of stocks it is dealing with. There are number of segments in the market like cash, derivatives, currency, commodity and each of these markets is separated from each other. So having knowledge of one segment may not be enough if you want to deal in some other market. One other aspect is the brokerage charges. In the cash segment, the brokerage rate is fixed on the basis of a percentage of the value of stocks, equities that are traded. In the derivatives, there is lot size, and the brokerage charge is fixed on every lot. Therefore if you want to earn more and more, you need to check for the best low brokerage trading account so that the expense can be in limit which will further enhance the profit to a trader. After some time the controlled expenditure will lead to extra money in the trading process, and hence one can trade in more securities.



In the era of digitalization, the online trading is preferable to other kind of trading as it seems to be more efficient for the traders who go for a numerous trades with in a day. For them, it is much important to market changing terms and also checking the positions to decide if one needs to keep the position or its square off is needed. In this type of situation, the online trading gives him a complete command in his hands only and keeps him updated.

There are many firms like Finvasia , which offer the lowest brokerage in India for online trading and ultimately the trader can have more opportunities to earn more profit due to increased trading. With the online trading platform, the trader can monitor the market every second and take actions accordingly. However, in the case of any hung up issue, you can surely call the customer care of the stock service provider, and get the help and guidance. There are also number of service providers who offer minimal brokerage amount for the one opting for online trading as it diminishes the load of trades on the terminal performer.


For the online trading you need to have an active connection with better speed. In a nutshell, it can be said that if one has a huge volume of trades he can go for the online trading, else the trader with the low value of trades can carry forward with the offline trading only.

Finvasia Trading Platforms

The functionalities that we are looking for, in a trading platform generally involves advanced market watch, quick order execution, charting, live streaming quotes and backtesting. Finvasia being low brokerage firm allows its customers to use some of its trading platforms for free while few charges monthly fee to pursue its utility.

Finvasia NEST

It is a terminal software which is also considered as the paid platform per segment, although some rules are crucial to running of trade but it allows order across multiple financial units. Multiple indicators and charting share common screen.

  1. Designed for noticeable performance.
  2. Only single sign in, is required.
  3. User friendly interface is available.
  4. Global Buy / Sell window.
  5. Real time sharp market watch updates.

Finvasia NOW

Finvasia-NOW is a web trading platform from NSE, allows you to access the market dynamics from any mobile or desktop with proper connection. The online platform functions effectively as it provides efficiency and flexibility.

NSE NOW traders can have access to the following traits:

  • NSE servers boosts trade execution speed .
  • Reports can be viewed in off market hours also.
  • Track your portfolio.
  • It has access to Windows 8 and Touch Screen Monitors.
  • Analytical Charting display.
  • Updated notifications available via mobile, email.
  • Access to advanced analytical graphs.
  • Real time market watch.

Finvasia Presto

Presto is basically for traders who carry forward the large volume of  trade. And they mostly prefer to evaluate technical aspects by themselves. It also commences API based solution to its customers to follow custom- made trading. The algos are implemented with this comprehensive platform in various exchanges like MCX, NSE, BSE. The other features it confers are mentioned below:

  • Run many strategies together.
  • Direct market access to various exchanges.
  • Proper connectivity and other charting tools available.
  • Secured authentication.


This tool allows nice portfolio level testing. It allows you to explore and back-test data on live feed leading to better trading performance with high level accuracy.

AmiBroker pursue portfolio-level Optimisation that supports all back-testing essentials. Many optimisation parameters, API solution are also involved.

  • Easily-customizable charting tool at a very affordable price are present.
  • Analyse the markets with a user-friendly interface.



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Finvasia Pros

Advantages of  Finvasia

  • An easy-to-use interface is available.
  • It has real-time execution facility.
  • Nice computational capabilities.
  • Secured transaction process.
  • It has good technological features.


Finvasia Cons

Disadvantages of  Finvasia


  • Dubious Brokerage system.
  • Manipulative Govt taxes & stamp duty charges.
  • Customer support is at worst in the industry.
  • It offers low margin value.
  • Some hidden charges are also associated with it.
  • As it is new in the market, it will take some time to prove its potential.