Prostocks Review

Prostocks Review

Prostocks, being founded in the year 2016 has been appeared as a recent competitor among the prevailing stock brokers in the market. With its head office established in Mumbai, it has accessibility in various segments of the market such as Equity, currency, derivatives, Mutual Funds, NRI trading services, depository services. They are unable to manage for the membership of MCX and NCDEX due to lack of enough resources. This has hindered their entrance in to the commodity segment. They are claiming to offer lowest stamp duty for clients irrespective of  all the states. However in the era of GST, they are going to pay heavy prices in the future for sure.

According to the analysis based on NSE records, Prostocks has a client base of more than 600 in the current year up to the month of may,2017. It has made efforts in making your trade more efficient and convenient by providing trading platform and customer support services.

Before hopping into the ocean of share market trading, you should be aware of the fact that how does the trading take place. There are many market segments like cash, derivative, commodity and currency etc. In the cash market, you can also opt for the trading in equity shares of public limited organizations which are marked on the exchanges such as BSE and NSE. There is other market segment also which is called as derivative market where the lot size is already decided by the exchange, and you need to go for the main lot size or mini lot size. In both of these lot sizes the only noticeable difference is of margin money. The mini size requires less margin money while the main lot requires comparatively high margin money. While this process is taking place, the profit margin is also reduced with the size of the lot and the charges of brokerage remains constant as there is no change in the value of brokerage.


Prostocks Account Opening and Demat Charges

ProStocks Account Opening and Demat Charges as per 2016 records

  • Demat account Opening Charges (One Time): Zero
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Zero (Rs 1000 refundable deposit)
  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs 300 Promo Discount, Zero now
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): Zero


Some other charges

Offline order placing ChargeRs 10 per executed order
 AMC chargeRs. 1,000 refundable deposit
 DP Transaction ChargeRs 14 per debit instruction


Prostocks MIS Exposures

  • Cash Intraday – upto 5 times on all F&O stocks.
  • Equity Futures – One and a half times of available cash margin.
  • Currency Future – One and a half times of available cash margin.


Prostocks For Cover Order Margins:

For Cover Order Margins:

  • Currency Future – 3 times of available cash margin.
  • Equity / Cash – upto 7 times on all F&O stocks.
  • Equity Futures – 3 times of available cash margin.

While carrying forward, the intraday or delivery trading in any security, or commodity, currency, you need to know the risk involved before the trade. In case the rates are lowered, the client must be in a position to square off the position or to take the delivery by paying additional amount. In the case of position squaring you must be able to bear the loss also if the rates of security involved in the process or commodity are diminished beyond your expectations. Therefore, trading is a process that you need to proceed only after proper research and analysis.


Prostocks Brokerage Rates

Brokerage Rates of Prostocks

All those who want to plunge in to the stock market, the brokerage is a factor, one must know thoroughly. There are various types of trades, and in each one of them, the rates applied are different. Obviously for trader, it is an expense but for an operator it is an income. The trader can calculate his gain only after the deduction of the brokerage charge involved which is also considered as an expenditure by the trader.

Brokerage It is an important part of  every trade.

There are cash and future transaction available, where you can trade, but in any of these markets, you need to have brokerage calculator that can help you to know how much actually you are earning out of the trades and not from the sales price only.

EquityFlat Fee Plan: Rs. 15/executed order, Fix Monthly Plan: Rs. 899/monthly, Rs. 8,999 Unlimited Trading Per Year
Equity OptionsFlat Fee Plan: Rs. 15/executed order, Fix Monthly Plan: Rs. 899/monthly, Rs. 8,999 Unlimited Trading Per Year
 Equity FuturesFlat Fee Plan: Rs. 15/executed order, Fix Monthly Plan: Rs. 899/monthly, Rs. 8,999 Unlimited Trading Per Year
Currency Optionslat Fee Plan: Rs. 15/executed order, Fix Monthly Plan: Rs. 499/monthly, Rs.4,999 Unlimited Trading Per Year
 Currency Futureslat Fee Plan: Rs. 15/executed order, Fix Monthly Plan: Rs. 499/monthly, Rs.4,999 Unlimited Trading Per Year
 CommodityNot Available


Prostocks Margin

Margin associated with Prostocks

EquityUpto 10 Times for Intraday & 5 Times for Delivery(Interest charged)
Equity OptionsNo Leverage
 Equity FuturesUpto 2 times for Intraday
 Currency OptionsNo Leverage
 Currency FuturesNo Leverage
 CommodityUpto 2 times for Intraday


Prostocks Trading Platform Review

Prostocks: Trading Platform Review

ProStocks offers web based, desktop based and mobile app based trading platform to its valued clients. The broker provides these platforms through NSE NOW. It is available in its website version, trading software version and as a mobile app for iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet devices, and Java enabled phones also.


Prostocks Desktop



Prostocks has its trading terminal software which has some inbuilt features, let us have look over its attributes:

  1. Real time monitoring.
  2. Index Option Strategies to calculate real time returns.
  3. Single Sign-in to back-office.
  4. Multiple market watch update on real time.
  5. Option calculator and view position, limits and security holdings.
  6. Customize the trading analysis windows for efficient market view.


Prostocks WEB



Clients can have easy access using different browsers from any place. The main highlights of the web version of trading platform are given below:

  1. Online market updates.
  2. Direct order placing from charting platform.
  3. Multi level security.


Prostocks MOBILE APP



Our weight fully functional trading app easy to use, secure and compatible to major mobile operating systems.


Customer ServiceAvailability
Toll Free Number
Email Support
24/7 Support
Phone Support
Live Chat


PROS and CONS of Prostocks


  1. The account opening charge is zero.
  2. Multiple Brokerage plans and services are available.
  3. It offers low brokerage and stamp duty charges.
  4. It also offers trading services for NRIs.
  5. Account opening process is fully online.



  1. Trading in the commodity segment is not possible with Prostocks.
  2. It offers low exposure.
  3. Customer support services are not satisfactory.
  4. Manipulative government charges and stamp duty charges.