Upstox Review


Upstox Review

Upstox Performance

Ascertain the Real Performance by Trading Online with Skilled Experts
If you are keen to invest in the market then the stock broker is the ideal choice who can guide you properly. They take care of the securities market on behalf of the potential clients. In fact, you can trust them for the right investment and they have the right knowledge to guide you for the same. They perform the best service and also give you the information about the market. An investor should regard them and follow their guidelines, which would give you more profit in the market. They have the skilled team who can provide you the exclusive market strategy and proper information about the investment in a particular stock.


Upstox Security

Going for Rhythm with Planning the Investment

A whole new world of trading can be more effective with the excellent Upstox Security. They are the efficient brokers who understand the requirement of the clients. They value the investors and give the exclusive service with a minimal commission fee. They provide trustworthy trading facilities with skilled understanding. They will able to multiply your investment and make you more confident. The established personal advice of the stock broker is the ultimate guidance you can have the faith to invest fairly in the market. Before choosing a right broker you should know the investment details and take the full support of the security of your investment by hiring a broker.

Upstox Guidance

Keeping Everything on Track with Correct Guidance

Upstox Security offers the finest quality trading service with the best price. They navigate the market details rapidly and give you the information efficiently. They know how to eradicate smaller risks in the market and assist you, where to invest. You should check your requirement and they will deliver you the service according to your needs. The current market evaluation is essential if you are an investor or buyers. Hence, the broker has the knowledge o0f the entire market and by hiring them you will save time and money. The reputed stock broker of Upstox will give you confidence in decision making.

Upstox Strategy

Figuring out the Investment Strategy

The efficient broker evaluates the market properly and increases your capacity to learn the investment procedure. The equity profit can be handled by them and they manage securities for both the retail and institutional clients. They can handle any situation and ensure to give you a smart plan for you. The dedicated service will give you buying and selling information and check for the marketing status to grow your money and give you all current information. You can trade on mobile or online and it is very easy to do with the assistance of the broker. Focus on your plan and get the best benefits with RSKV Security.

Upstox Account Opening

Account Opening Charges and Annual Maintance Cost

  • Trading Account Opening Fees – Rs 150
  • Trading AMC – NIL
  • Demat Account Opening Fees -Rs 150
  • Demat AMC – Rs 150
  • Own DP Service – Yes

Upstox Brokerage Charge

Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery BrokerageRs 0
Equity Intraday BrokerageRs 20
Equity Futures BrokerageRs 20
Equity Options BrokerageRs 20
Currency Futures Trading BrokerageRs 20
Currency Options Trading BrokerageRs 20
Commodity Trading Brokerage Rs.20


EquityUpto 20 times for intraday
Equity FuturesUpto 4 times for intraday
Equity OptionsUpto 4 times for intraday
Currency FuturesUpto 4 times for intraday
Currency OptionsUpto 4 times for intraday
CommoditiesUpto 3 times for intraday


Upstox Trading Features

Trading Features of Upstox Security

  • Mobile Trading
  • Charting
  • SMS Alerts
  • Online Demo
  • Desktop Trading Platform – NEST
  • Web Trading Platform –
  • Mobile Trading Platform – Upstox

Upstox Services Offered

Customer Services Offered


Customer ServiceAvailability
Toll Free Number
Email Support
24/7 Support
Phone Support
Live Chat

Upstox Pros

  • Upstox has its network  in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
  • CO, BO are available on both web and mobile.
  • Low brokerage.
  •  Tools like brokerage calculator, options builder tool etc are available.

Upstox Cons

  • Algo trading is not possible with Upstox.
  • It does not provide tips and recommendation.

Upstox Review
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