Wisdom Capital Reviews

Wisdom Capital Review

Wisdom Capital Review

In this Wisdom Capital Review, we bring into notice some of the quality services offered by Wisdom Capital. It is an online brokerage firm that charges a comparatively low/least commission by allowing its customers do trades through automated, computerized trading platform. Wisdom Capital is an Online Brand of Ashlar Group of Companies. Mr Bharat Bansal is the CMD of Wisdom Capital. It is the top online discount brokerage firm presenting brokerage services for stocks or shares, currencies, commodities, future and options on NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX. The free trading and investment zone is the preeminent source of online trading in Discount Brokerage Trading.  It is providing Lifetime Zero Brokerage Freedom Plans (Equities, Futures, and Options at NSE/BSE and commodities at MCX/NCDEX). Wisdom Capital has a number of satisfied customers and network of more than 1000 Franchisee all over India.

Wisdom Capital Review - Brokers

Mr Deb Mukharjee and Mrs Sudeshna Mukharjee are the directors and strongest pillars of the Wisdom Capital.  Wisdom Capital is established by Mrs Sudeshna Mukherjee along with Mr Pralay Shankar Chakraborty a renowned Businessman; it all was started in 2005 named Devswings. With time as the business grows, the top management team had decided to make it large and have formed a Company named “Wisdom Capital Advisors Private Limited” in 2013. It is a pioneer online trading company that has a record of best performances in the discount brokerage. The company has many ideal plans like Zero brokerage plans and flexible investments plans, which have not only supported the people in dire need but also have presented a secure way to input their hard earned money in the market.

Wisdom Capital Reviews

You might have gone through the other Wisdom Capital reviews. But, you will this Wisdom Capital review is well analyzed and precisely presented in a distinctive manner. The data discusses about the broker aided trade execution and automated online investing on every stock in BSE and NSE. The stock broker offers tools like charting, live data etc, either free of cost or at a minimal cost for making informed conclusions and important profit. Wisdom Capital is providing best lowest brokerage services to all clients in an effective manner. Wisdom Capital is now introducing news trading terminal called ALPHA TRADING TERMINAL, which is under development will specifically focus on the Greeks (Alpha, Gamma, Theta, and Delta) in order to help the traders with the selection of their trades. Details will be on their website soon.

Brokerage Plans of Wisdom Capital

Freedom Plan – Wisdom Capital is presenting lifetime freedom plan. It is offering unlimited lifetime trading plan  to celebrate the idea of freedom and independence.

Wisdom Capital Plan

Features of Freedom Plan

  • Free of cost Demat Account Activation
  • Zero Brokerage Charges
  • Zero Account maintenance charges
  • Minimum Transaction cost in the Brokerage Industry
  • No Charges for Accessing NEST Trading Software
  • Facility of Unlimited Trading in Share and Commodity
  • Best Customer Support
  • Options to Upgrade Advanced Add-On Tool

Pro Plan – Wisdom Capital is also providing Adds on Plan especially designed for professionals

Wisdom Capital - Pro Plan

Some Basic Features of Pro Plan

  • 9 /Trade Flate Brokerage Plan
  • Free of Cost NEST Trading Platform
  • Best Intraday Exposure/Margin/Limit
  • Minimum Margin in NIFTY, Gold, Silver and Crude
  • Free Advance Alpha Trading System
  • Robo and Algo Trading Solutions
  • Exchange Authorised Live Data Feed


Ultimate Plan – Ultimate Plans are especially for the traders who need highest exposure/margin in Intraday & delivery trades.

Some Basic Features of Ultimate Plan

  • Account opening is free and validity is for lifetime.
  • Equity Intraday – 0.007% on Turnover
  • Equity Delivery – 0.007% on Turnover
  • Futures (NSE/MCX) –  0.05% on Turnover
  • Options (NSE) – Rs. 15/Lot
  • Free Trading Software NEST.

 Documents Required To Open New Account

  • Address Proof (Voter ID and Adhar Card etc.)
  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • Last 6-month bank statement

1 cheque of Rs.1150 favouring Ashlar Securities Private Limited for Equity Trading and Ashlar Commodities Private Limited for Commodity Trading.

Different Trading Platforms Presented by Wisdom Capital are:

  • Desktop application Platform (NEST, NSE Now)
  • Web Trading Platform
  • Offline
  • Plug-in provided with AmiBroker

Account Opening Charges and AMC

Wisdom Capital Reviews

Trading Account Opening Fees Rs 0
Trading AMC Rs 0
Demat Account Opening Fees Rs 0
Demat Maintenance Charges Rs 999 + GST(1 time)

Brokerages Charges

Brokerage Freedom Plan Pro Plan Ultimate Plan
Equities 0.00% 0.005% Intraday & Delivery 0.007% intraday & Delivery
F&O 0.00% Rs 9/ trade Future: 0.005% and Options: Rs 15/lot
Commodity 0.00% Rs 9/ trade 0.007% intraday and delivery

Exposure or Leverages

Segments Freedom Plan Pro Plan Ultimate Plan
 Equity Upto 5 times for Intraday & 1 time for Delivery trading Upto 40 times for Intraday & 1 time for Delivery Upto 60 times for Intraday & 1 time for Delivery
 Equity Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday Upto 6 times for Intraday Upto 10 times for Intraday
 Equity Options No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 2 times No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 6 times No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 10 times
 Currency Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday Upto 6 times for Intraday Upto 10 times for Intraday
Currency Options No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 2 times No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 6 times No Leverage buying, Shorting Intraday upto 10 times
Commodity Upto 2 times for Intraday Upto 6 times for Intraday  Upto 10 times for intraday

Customer Service Offered

Customer Service
Toll Free Number Wisdom Capital
Email Support Review Wisdom Capital
24/7 Support best Stock Broker - Wisdom Capital
Phone Support Top 10 Online Brokers
Live Chat Best Share Brokers


Wisdom Capital Benefits

  • Trade all market segments i.e. NSE Cash, F&O, Currency and MCX Commodities with the single trading terminal.
  • Monthly unlimited trading plans out there for buying and selling at National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and MCX.
  • Trading Software’s as well as a website, mobile app and installable trading terminals accessible at no cost.
  • Minimum brokerage
  • They allow  NIFTY trading with 3000, Crude with 3000 & Mega Gold with 9000 margins
  • They offer semi-automated & fully – automated Algo trading.

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