Essence of Nature

Celebrate the wonders of the earth

“Don’t you lose yourself in the aroma of NATURE?”  The fragrance so soothing that it leads to internal peace and escapes the harsh reality for a while. Let us get into the heart of the earth this time. Nature’s royalty can be experienced by actually getting in contact with its kingdom. Everyone should step outside of their provinces to experience the diversity of nature. The beauty of its existence can be felt by the heart itself. Attention seeking vistas, meadows, the variety of greenery, crystal clear waters of pristine beaches and the prominence of mountains leave you spellbound for some time. The feeling of immense joy arises when you sit around the bonfire to celebrate the togetherness with friends. You can also experience the silence of dark that thrills and amaze you at the same time. The charm infused in nature’s wonders is endless. 

natural beautyThe delightful range of tourist spots dazzles every nature lover across the world. If we talk about India, it is already an agglomeration of panoramic views, exotic hills, captivating seashores, waterfalls, grasslands etc. The gateways from the outer world to the inner world are surplus that can bring an absolute contentment to one’s well being. The rich and cultural heritage of India supported with best tourist destinations give you the huge collection of beautiful memories to cherish.

You might have heard the famous line that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” like how you perceive things all depends on you. The perception you form or how you look at nature could not be stolen by anyone. You can create your own paradise by directly connecting with nature in your own way. There are numerous species that exist on earth. All are different and visualize the world differently. We as a human being got the splendid gift of wisdom so why not involve with nature to skip the materialistic world for a few hours.

One can prosper by evolving artistic descriptions of the moon for oneself. Sometimes the darkness of night accompanied with glimmering stars design a harmonious network of calm and serene peace in our minds. The vision of reality underlies how you cognize your surrounding. Even the minute detailing of the nature linked constituents can do wonders to your heart. Making it more sophisticated to the fellows reading it, we are presenting some pleasing illustrations here. Let me recall the regular peace you can reap from nature. Those calming moments in the dawn suddenly partner with cute chirruping of little birds. Give a moment for a tree outside or imagine the unfolding of a beautiful flower in your area. Remember the enjoyment of drinking tea and watching the rain outside. Think of the blooming houseplants that can help you take a sigh of relief from your daily exertion and gift you some leisure time.

How can we feel and protect nature?

protect natureApart from the multitudes and vast landscapes in the tourist destinations, you can also empower mental well-being by accessing a healthy environment near you. The trees, foliage, or a leaf are also noteworthy at times. The air waving the leaves and aroma of mud caused due to sprinkling droplets of rain on the surface of the earth. It also creates a scenic and magical environment around us. The path to happiness, health, excitement, spirituality, lessons, money, nature provides it all. The air, food, and water are the natural resources that nourish us. We can develop well by having a clean atmosphere around us.  We can take a move on our own by keeping the environment clean, taking care of leaky faucets that cause water wastage, planting more trees, by joining campaigns that support environment in one way or another. That may include recovering rainwater and use it for various purposes, donating clothes you find unusable to associations that may sell them and collect a little money to help poor community etc. Note: Be a supporter of Nature and its founding and help to keep the environment clean.

Nature adjusts in you all differently. Some people can experience the beautiful formation through its scenic views. Some can try to enter into the rational structure of its creations. Perhaps, some of you may have the ability to grasp the structure through geometric aspects.  Like the layout of a snowflake, or the detailing of the flower. This encourages the deeper understanding of nature.

“A divine thrill originates when eyes coordinate with the eternal silence of the sea and heart generates its own music.”  

Capture the realistic presence of nature under Indian periphery

Music that arises from earth, only a few can hear it. Nature’s viewpoint you form can’t be matched with others. If you are in love with it, you would have definitely a nicer impression of its inventions. You can enroll there any time, either by exploring the countryside, wildlife, the crystalline structure of water, by standing in the rain, empowering grassroots, climbing up a tree etc. It is completely a personal acceptance of things. What you see and in what way you apprehend it.

natureIndian geography is a vast network comprising numerous species, flora, and fauna. It can be beneficial for the well-being of the local people in certain ways. One can take a break from regular routine by escaping the cities and relaxing in the lap of nature.

Take a breath of fresh air and welcome any opportunity for adventure. You can do hiking, camping, trekking, plunging into the water, kayaking or just refresh by peacefully sitting near a quiet lake. If you take yourself out of just downloading nature images or nature wallpapers, you may also get data of amazing Adventure Sports Online. Attempt the best that suits you, it really adds an extra sugar to your life.  

Diversified places and spaces with unique climates, fruit doves, Wind-driven waves of sea i.e. massive and equally amusing. of water, we listen at sea coast make us forget everyday work. That eventually gift us harmonious moments by cutting day to day pressures.

Witness the radiant and beautiful existence of nature maintaining balance with giant and wild creations. The range of good Indian cultures and traditions give that extra spark to nature’s belongings. Shimla, Mussoorie Darjeeling, Nainital, Sikkim and beaches of Goa help form paradise for tourists. Sojourn in such a place to connect with natural or catch the details of monumental entities. Amidst your descriptive visit to India, catch the wealth of nature in any direction of India like east, west, north or south. You will find the elongated aura of calm air coupled with unique charm in every direction. If we move ahead in the south of India you would be astounded with the refreshing aroma of Kerala. Yes, Kerala is the preferred tourist center in the south. Lots of explorers make their way ahead with Backpacks straight to such places every year. There are now great hospitality spaces to manage the comfortable visits of tourists across the country.

beautiful natureNainital seeks the attention of tourists by offering memorable boat ride on the popular Naini Lake. A verdant existing there may trap your eyes and make you lost in beautiful tropical landscapes for a while. In other places of India, you can also enjoy sunset that turns the sky a deep shade of pink and cast fascinating shadows across beaches.

In a contrary, the world is so much materialistic now that it is losing the importance of spiritual benefits. People can get the great healing and contribute to their well being by connecting with nature in the morning just by a simple walk.

Other than the delicious foods, different languages, and great cultures lying under the premises of India, tourists opt to relax and sojourn at summer cottages. They simply love enjoying the abundant summer sun sometimes.

Words fall short when you lose yourself in the beauty of nature, have a glimpse of related places here:

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Nubra Valley, Ladakh Chandertal lake, HP   Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Some decent Trekking Spots:

Trekking in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Seven Sisters Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Clouds End Trek, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

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