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List of the top 10 mutual funds in India 2020 – Evaluate before you invest

When it comes to choosing mutual funds in India, it is just like choosing your friend for a lifetime. This will help you in achieving your future goals, be there with you in your good and bad times. If you end up choosing the wrong mutual fund, you will face a lot of obstacles and harassment. To make things easier for you, we have brought you the list o the top 10 mutual funds in India 2020. We have compiled the list by choosing different types of mutual funds from different categories to suit different requirements and investment goals.

Top 10 mutual funds in India 2020 – A consolidated list

Large-Cap Equity Fund

What is a Large Cap Equity Fund?

The large-cap equity mutual funds in India are those that invest a major segment of the total assets in an organization that has a larger market capitalization. These organizations are highly recognized ones with an outstanding track record of capturing wealth for their investors. Thus, the large-cap funds generate regular dividends along with a steady compounding wealth. The best part is, these schemes don’t have the risk as compared to small or mid-cap schemes.

Top 10 Large Cap Equity Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Bluechip Dir25.5420.47
BNP Paribas Large Cap Dir23.8614.17
Canara Robeco Bluechip Eqt Dir24.0815.45
Edelweiss Large Cap Dir17.8513.96
HDFC Index Sensex Dir15.9414.49
LIC MF Index Sensex Dir15.5413.85
Mirae Asset Large Cap Dir16.1613.60
Nippon India Sensex Dir15.7614.38
Sundaram Select Focus Dir20.2815.65
Tata Index Sensex15.8414.45

Multi-Cap Equity Funds

What are Multi-Cap equity funds?

Multi-cap equity funds are widely diversified mutual funds that can invest in the stocks throughout the market capitalization. The portfolio of multi-cap mutual funds in India includes large-cap equity funds, mid-cap equity funds, and small-cap equity funds. These are less risky compared to the pure mid or small-cap funds. Also, they are more suited for less aggressive investors. Thus, in a multi-cap equity fund, you will find investment options for large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies.

Top 10 Multi-Cap Equity funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Focused 25 Dir26.7318.68
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Dir17.8815.17
DSP Equity Dir26.1913.69
Edelweiss Multi-Cap Dir14.2114.01
IDFC Focused Equity Dir16.0614.02
IIFL Focused Equity Dir34.3215.31
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Dir17.7714.14
SBI Focused Equity Dir25.8517.71
Tata Retirement Savings Progressive Dir20.615.34
UTI Equity Dir18.9514.48

Small-Cap Equity Funds

What are Small-Cap Equity funds

Small-cap equity funds are the ones that are invested in organizations with less than 250 stocks in exchange according to market capitalization. The small-cap mutual funds are a popular option because they offer high returns. Even though the small-cap mutual funds in India are riskier in the short and medium terms, but they guarantee a better return in the long term. The stocks of these companies can be twofold or they can even be triple over a short period.

Top 10 Small Cap Equity funds

Fund Name1-year returns3-year returns
Axis Small Cap Dir34.8317.1
DSP Small Cap Dir13.843.56
Franklin Smaller Companies Dir3.194.24
HDFC Small Cap Dir-1.1911.09
ICIC Pru Small Cap Dir25.478
Kotak Small Cap Dir21.569.71
L&T Emerging Businesses Dir2.039
Nippon India Small-Cap Dir11.2510.52
SBI Small Cap Dir21.1916.28
Union Small Cap Dir19.437.15

Debt-Liquid Funds

What are Debt-Liquid funds?

The debt-liquid funds are those that invest in financial aspects like the commercial papers, treasury bills, fixed deposits, and all other forms of debt securities. One of the most important benefits of these mutual funds in India is, they do not come with a lock-in period. These are short-term investments that come with a maturity period of 91 days. You will be able to withdraw any amount and the withdrawal will be processed in 24 hours of your application. There are no entry and exit loads applicable.

Top 10 Debt-Liquid Funds

Fund Name1-year returns3-year returns
Quant Liquid Dir7.237.14
ABSL Liquid Dir6.546.96
Baroda Liquid Dir6.476.97
BNP Paribas Liquid Dir6.576.97
Edelweiss Liquid Dir6.566.97
Franklin Liquid Dir6.717.04
IDBI Liquid Dir6.56.96
Mahindra Liquid Dir6.67.01
Nippon India Liquid Dir6.546.97
PGIM India Insta Cash Dir6.556.96

ELSS Equity Funds

What are ELSS Equity funds?

ELSS equity mutual funds in India are those that invest a significant amount of the corpus into the equity or equity-related segments. ELSS equity funds are also known as tax saving schemes because they offer tax exemption up to Rs 150,000 from the annual taxable income. The mandatory lock-in period of ELSS equity funds is 3 years. Also, the income that you earn under this scheme at the end of the three-year tenure is considered a long-term capital gain. It is taxed at 10% (when the income is more than a lakh)

Top 10 ELSS Equity Funds

Fund Name1-year returns3-year returns
Axis Long Term Equity Dir25.5317.2
BNP Paribas Long Term Equity Dir21.5913.31
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Dir26.0414.65
Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Dir15.9314.09
Invesco India Tax Dir16.5313.99
JM Tax Gain Dir21.8214.59
LIC MF Tax Dir20.1914.31
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Dir19.5317.37
Tata India Tax Savings Dir18.4813.62

Debt-Short duration Funds

What are Debt-Short duration funds?

A debt short duration fund is a mutual fund scheme where the investment span is for one to three years. Sometimes it is extended to four years. This kind of investment will offer you stable returns with modest risks. Also, a debt short-term duration proves to be much more tax-efficient over three years than an FD. The short-term debt mutual funds in India will not attract any penalty on redemption before the actual maturity date unless it is redeemed long before the pre-determined period.

Top 10 Debt Short duration Funds

Fund Name1-year returns3-year returns
ABSL Short Term Dir9.898.06
Axis Short Term Dir11.118.34
Baroda Short Term Bond Dir10.388.76
DSP Short-term Dir10.998.13
HDFC Short Term Debt Dir10.818.23
ICICI Pru Short Term Dir11.298.41
IDFC All Seasons Bond Dir11.698.28
IDFC Bond Short Term Dir10.948.22
Kotak Bond Short-term Dir11.148.31
SBI Short Term Debt Dir10.868.04

Debt Dynamic Bonds

What are Debt Dynamic bonds?

Debt Dynamic bond funds are those types of mutual funds that invest in debt securities with variable maturity. These offer higher returns with reduced risk. There are no static duration elements. The complete fund is handled by the fund manager. He/She takes a decision, based on the rate of interest on the debt securities. You can also earn through the capital gains when the value of the bond will increase.

Top 10 Debt Dynamic Bonds

Fund Name1-Year returns3-Year returns
Axis Dynamic Bond Dir14.18.74
DSP Strategic Bond Dir13.137.78
ICICI Pru All Seasons Bond Dir12.658.87
IDFC Dynamic Bond Dir14.658.66
IIFL Dynamic Bond Dir8.887.63
Kotak Dynamic Bond Dir13.089.44
L&T Flexi Bond Dir12.128.02
PGIM India Dynamic Bond Dir13.369.39
Quantum Dynamic Bond Dir12.938.04
SBI Dynamic Bond Dir15.398.78

Debt Ultra-Short duration Funds

What is Debt Ultra-Short duration funds?

Ultra short term funds are those that are offered to the companies for a period of 3 to 6 months. Since these are the low-risk funds because of their very short duration, they are a bit higher in the risk spectrum. The best part is, they are still within the purview of the lowest risk categories. These types of mutual funds in India are ideal for those looking to keep money aside for a few weeks to a few months.

Top 10 Debt-Ultra short duration funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
ABSL Savings Dir8.467.92
BOI AXA Ultra Short Duration Dir7.677.77
Essel Ultra Short Term Dir6.937.08
Franklin Ultra Short Bond Dir4.877.37
IDBI Ultra Short Term Dir7.417.32
Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Dir7.77.58
Kotak Savings Dir8.047.7
L&T Ultra Short Term Dir7.667.57
PGIM India Ultra ST Dir13.79.61
SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Dir7.917.64

Debt-Gilt Funds

What are Debt-Gilt funds?

Debt Gilt funds are those that invest in government securities. There are two types of Gilt funds. The first one is mostly into the government securities across maturities. The other is the Gilt funds with consistent maturity of 10 years. The best aspect of Debt-Gilt mutual funds in India is since the schemes invest in government securities, they offer zero default risk. At the same time, the interest rates are high.

The Top 10 Debt-Gilt funds

Fund Name1-year Returns3-Year Returns
ABSL Govt Securities Dir13.569.44
DSP Govt Securities Dir15.289.05
ICICI Pru Gilt Dir13.648.79
IDFC GSF Investment Dir16.79.61
Kotak Gilt Inv PF & Trust Direct13.448.65
Kotak Gilt Investment Dir13.448.64
LIC MF GSF D12.968.52
Nippon India Gilt Securities Inst Dir15.5810.18
SBI Magnum Gilt Dir16.119.03
UTI Gilt Dir14.338.41

Hybrid Aggressive Funds

What are Hybrid Aggressive funds?

The Hybrid-Aggressive funds are those that are balanced funds mostly in stocks with some allocation to Fixed Deposits. These mutual funds in India are less risky than pure equity funds. Also, they offer almost identical returns in the long run. It offers up to 75% allocation to the stocks where you will have a chance to grow your money. There is a 25% allocation to FD that offers a cushion if the stocks go down.

The Top 10 Hybrid Aggressive funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns 3-Year Returns
Canara Robeco Eqt Hybrid Dir18.0512.98
DSP Equity & Bond Dir24.9811.57
HDFC Children’s Gift Dir12.1711.02
HDFC Retirement Savings Hybrid Eqt Dir12.8811.11
LIC MF ULIS Dir19.8212.31
Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Dir15.4712.69
Principal Hybrid Equity Dir7.8710.92
SBI Equity Hybrid Dir20.7213.41
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Dir17.8112.46
Tata Retirement Savings Moderate Dir16.8811.84

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