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The best mobile trading app in India for Online mobile trading

With the increase of mobile trading, there has been a surge in the usage of the best mobile trading apps in India. Whether it is a beginner or an experienced person, almost everyone is interested in online mobile trading.

With the increasing scenario of mobile trading apps, the fund management companies have started developing their own flagship apps. As a result, the online market is flooded with a plethora of mobile trading apps in India.

Mobile trading apps in India are the miniature versions of the full-fledged stock trading platforms. They offer complete market access and trading facility on smartphones. You can quickly download the trading app, register, place a trade, stream news, and get alerts.

This is as simple as that. The best part is you can get to place your trades on the go. There is no doubt that mobile trading apps in India have become mainstream for quite some time. In fact, in January 2020, almost 20% of the total cash market trading on the NSE was done through mobile apps.

At present, technology is becoming one of the primary criteria to compare different stockbrokers because most of the stockbrokers offer almost similar features. Also, charges are almost the same.

In the following section of the blog, we are going to present you with the best mobile trading apps in India. You can decide which one you want to use.


Best mobile trading apps in India

Established In

Headquartered In


1 Zerodha KITE 2010 Bengaluru, Karnataka 8.8/10
2 5Paisa 2016 Thane, Maharashtra 8.38/10
3 Upstox 2008 Mumbai, Maharashtra 6.9/10
4 Angel Broking 1987 Mumbai, Maharashtra 9/10
5 Kotak Stock Trader 2003 Mumbai, Maharashtra 8/10


A compilation of the best mobile trading apps in India

  1. Zerodha KITE online mobile trading app

Amidst so many stockbroking organizations offering their mobile trading apps, Zerodha appeared as the front runner. With their flagship mobile trading app, they immediately became a hit among online traders and investors.

Using this app, you can open an account by registering your email id. If you want to buy a share, you should have a balance in the Demat account. You can access the Demat account through the app. Click on add funds and you will see them getting added into the Demat account.

Key highlights:

  • The mobile trading app allows you to trade in Equity, Stock, currency, index, and futures, and that too at the lowest price.
  • It offers historical data of the market or your shares.
  • The mobile trading app, Zerodha Kite is simple to use, uncluttered, and easy to navigate even for beginners.
  • You will get brokerage free investment charges if you don’t buy and sell the stock on the same day.
  • You can set unlimited price alerts for instant updates.
  1. 5Paisa mobile trading app

The 5Paisa mobile trading app is one of the best mobile trading apps in India that offers a one-click order placement. For the technical analysis, you can always access the advanced charts with a wide array of studies & drawings, and functionality.

This is a unique mobile trading app that allows you to get a guest login. You can avoid all of your personal details to check the app. The order execution is very fast and it enables the user to execute the intraday transactions very quickly. You can transfer the funds in minutes.

Key benefits:

  • The app comes with an easy Demat account opening feature for beginners in the app.
  • The app also offers real-time live updates and quotes from BSE and NSE.
  • The auto-investor feature helps in creating a fully developed and personalized mutual fund investment portfolio.
  • Using the easy screening tool with a 5Paisa free account, you can invest in the top mutual funds.
  • As soon as you enter this app, it opens and manages the 3-in-1 account, your Demat account, savings account, and trading account.
  1. Upstox online mobile trading app

When it is about the best mobile trading app, you cannot really miss out on Upstox. It is a feature-loaded mobile trading app and the features are very similar to Zerodha Kite. One of the most important advantages of the Upstox mobile app is, the charts here are available in multiple intervals, multiple types, and multiple drawing styles.

Using the Trade from Chart, you can directly trade from the charts. You will be able to set unlimited price alerts for instant updates. Also, you can create an unlimited number of personalized watch lists. Access the data of the past 10 years and analyze them easily. The alerts and notifications are pushed to the user’s mobile screen according to the choice set by the user.

Key highlights:

  • The mobile trading app comes with a universal search tool so that users can find simple and complex stocks.
  • You can access NSE cash, futures, options, and currencies
  • You will be able to apply more than a hundred technical indicators on the real-time charts.
  • You will get real-time market feeds to stay on top of your game.
  • The interconnected trading software allows you to trade on both mobile and web in the same account.
  1. Angel Broking online trading app

The Angel Broking trading platform is one of the most experienced brokerage firms in the market. It offers a wide array of services for the users, starting from mutual funds, insurance, brokerage, and all other financial instruments to the Indian investors. However, the brokerage charges are comparatively high for the Indian market.

You will be able to track the market movement on a real-time basis. The app is designed in such a way that you can trade-in equity, currencies, derivatives, futures, and options. You will be able to track the holdings and check the latest news on the market.

Key highlights:

  • You will be able to view multiple indexes with prices in real-time.
  • Get the live updates on the top losers and gainers and an intraday new chart.
  • You can transfer the funds and securities from a single place.
  • Check the trade reports any time you need them.
  • With a single click, you can know the statements about your contract, the account ledgers, profit, and loss account.
  1. Kotak Stock Trader app

The Kotak Stock trader app was launched by Kotak Industries. It primarily helps you to trade in equity, derivatives, currencies, future & options. You will be able to place your order anytime and cancel the same without any problem. It will track the performance and also check the available balance in the account. You can track the present market rates and economic performance by referring to the Nifty and Sensex.

Key benefits:

  • There is a feature in the app that is called “My Investment” it helps you to know the number of investments you have made to
  • With a simple online trading interface, online trading has become very simple for users. You can stop loss and trigger price options.
  • The portfolio is updated every time anyone uses the app. Thus, you can access the changes in real-time.
  • You can see the market movement as the charts at the end of the day.

You can transfer funds easily between a bank account and the online trading account.

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