Top 10 Adventure Sports In India

Top 10 Adventure Sports in India

On monsoon’s arrival, the green rainy atmosphere brings an exhilarating feeling. The way it portrays the nature is quite captivating. The adventure activities like River rafting, Waterfall rappelling, Paragliding, Bungee jumping etc are undertaken in full swing in that delightful season.

Words will fall short to narrate the joy of adventure we explore and execute. The aroma of rain with mud will leave you pondering over the beauty of nature. You will surely surrender yourself to lyrical winding routes and gushing waterfalls. The quest for adventure will be fulfilled when you organize your adventure trip. Our country holds the numerous adventurous places.

India is a country, full of exciting places to visit. There is no second thought in the context of spectacular adventurous places exist within Indian periphery. People of India who have not explored India much barely know about its astonishing escapades. Some of the exotic adventurous activities here are enlisted below:


For Rafting, the first place which strikes in the mind of many Indians is Rishikesh, the holy town of Uttarakhand. Amateurs of this activity generally prefer this place to put their camps near river Ganga. The other enthralling adventures possible to reside in this zone involve trekking and cliff jumping.

River Beas is also a good alternative for rafting in India. The voyage of excitement here starts from Pirdi, 4 km from the town of Kullu, continues for 14 km and stops at place called Jhiri. Meanwhile, you can enjoy graceful Pir Panjal Range, that covers Kullu-Manali. The trip combines amazing twist and turns. You should definitely try this adventure sport to experience the joy it holds.




It’s a long journey on foot in jungles, terrain, mountain ranges, valleys etc. The best thing about this challenging adventure sport is that it allows you to put camps in some of the splendorous places you will ever catch in the country. You can also take a trekking trip to Kasol and Malana. The places have multiple resorts for your comfortable stay. Some of the best trekking tours can be taken ahead in the regions of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand.

Mountaineering is a varied version of Trekking. You can try trekking while enjoying the panoramic view of the plains and valleys of Uttarakhand. The acme of Greater Himalaya presents Uttarakhand as one of the best places for climbing activities. The region has the collective features including ice-covered mountains unsteady hills and catchy grasslands. Climbing is a challenging sport and needs appropriate technique at the right time. You, your Friends, and Loads of adventure is what makes your trip even more wonderful.


Motorbike riding

If you are the person who really enjoys crazy and entertaining activities with your partner in crime, go for the adventure trip in Ladakh. It is an amazing destination to realize the amusement that hits your mind while playing an adventure sport. Enjoy the peripheral areas of the country with motorbike tour. Meanwhile, you can also join motorcycle expedition. The journey begins from Shimla and continues till Leh. In between the voyage, you will encounter some of the awesome destinations which will let you experience the complete glee. You can carry required things which will make your trip filled with ease and contentment.



When you are filled with the thought to enjoy life in an extraordinary way and desired to fly freely like a bird. Skydiving is the good option for that. Enroll yourself in wonders of the adventure. Take a deep breath and participate in the thrilling activity. Mysore, India is a place which suits this sport. You can’t resist the joy of skydiving with fascinating beauty of the blue sky.


Scuba Diving

You can carry forward your will to plunge into the crystal clear water and take pleasure by viewing the coral garden and colorful Caribbean fishes all around. The environment created at the very moment will definitely last in your head for a long time. The activity will make you realize the calm and composed beauty of life underwater. That Serene experience may imprint its astonishing image in your memory. Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer audacious scuba diving experience. You can go for it without thinking twice.



Paragliding is the competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders. It needs courage. As once the activity is embarked, it lasts for many hours and can proceed to cover 100 kilometers. So to enjoy this awesome sport, you first have to make up your mind to be fear free. The Western Ghat hills of Maharashtra is the best place to accomplish this adventure in India. The state also involves Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani for flying sports Paragliding.




The other adventure sport which acts as a cynosure. Coorg in Karnataka and Vihigaon in Maharashtra offer a great experience of Waterfall Rappelling in India. Bekare waterfall is quite popular. It attracts a number of people towards its astonishing existence. It is an adrenaline-boosting adventure on the waterfall down the rock and facing the extreme water level. If you get a chance to explore and implement such thing, kindly go ahead. Many people like Waterfall, but few know about the extended joy hidden in Waterfall’s adventure activity. So to move ahead with the height of your imagination, try this rappelling activity.

 You will not regret the move as it will enrich you with the thrilling and delightful existence of nature. Waterfall rappelling is difficult than normal rappelling. When you will encounter the height while doing this adventure, the view well represented with dazzling greenery in the surrounding will hold your eyes for a while.


Hot air Ballooning

Hot air Ballooning is a thrilling adventure sport. As it might scare you while attaining a certain height. Meanwhile, you will also experience the real fun at the good height hovering around the sky. It can cover long distance and lets you realize the joy of exploring a distant view along an avenue.  This activity is quite common and popular among Indians. You can enjoy this adventure in deserts of Rajasthan. This journey can be embarked near the Pink City of Jaipur and headed towards Pushka and ends at Ranthambore, National Park in Rajasthan.


Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

This one is the mélange of fun, thriller, amazement and loads of excitement. Tiger reserve makes it a noticeable destination. While moving ahead in Jim Corbett national park you will see the number of species of birds too. You can click a picture with the Royal Bengal Tiger easily spotted in jungle safari. Enjoy the thrilling feeling of being so close to the animal like leopards, tigers etc. Wildlife photographers can click some of the great shots while taking Jeep rides in the jungle. 


Bungee jumping

In this activity, adventure seeker will be connected to the elastic cord and carry forward to jump from a heightened place or a tall structure. That can be a tall building, helicopter etc. You can get video of your jump and certificate of dare to jump. You will definitely enjoy hovering above the ground with thriller and euphoria. It will aesthetically represent your quest for adventure.

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