Top 10 health insurance plans in India 2020
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Top 10 health insurance plans in India 2020 – A comparative study

Choosing a suitable health insurance plan for you and your family from so many health insurance companies is a daunting task. There are a lot of health insurance companies. All of them offer different coverages and benefits. The premium amounts are different. The tenures are different and the maximum insured amounts are different as well. We understand that all these factors make it difficult for anyone to choose the right health insurance plans in India 2020.

However, to make things easier for you, we have brought you a consolidated list. This list contains the top 10 health insurance plans in India 2020 with all the details. This will help you narrow down the options. All of these plans will offer a healthy and safe future for you and your family.




Insurance Companies Incurred Claims Ratio (2018-19) Maximum Insured Amount Policy Renewal Pre-




Ambulance Cover AYUSH
Religare Care Health Plan Religare Health Insurance company 55% Rs. 6 Crores Lifetime Renewal


30 days 60 days Yes Yes
Activ Assure Diamond Aditya Birla 59% Rs. 2 Crores Not Mentioned 30 days 60 days Yes Yes,

Up to SI




Max Bupa 54% Rs. 1 Crore Lifetime



30 days 60 days Yes, Up to

Rs. 3000

My: Health


HDFC Ergo 62% Rs. 75 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal


60 days 180 days Yes Yes


HDFC Ergo (aka Apollo


62% Rs. 50 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal


60 days 180 days Up to

Rs. 2000


Mention of it





62% Rs. 50 Lakhs Lifelong

Renewal Option

60 days 180 days Up to

Rs. 3,000



Royal Sundaram 61% 50 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal Option 60 days 90 days Up to

Rs. 5,000

Up to

Rs. 30,000

Family Health


Star Health 63% Rs. 25 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal Option 60 days 90 days Up to

Rs. 1,500 per policy period

Up to

Rs. 20,000 as per SI

Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan Star Health 63% Rs. 25 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal Option 30 days Detail explained in the brochure Up to

Rs. 3,000

Essential Privilege Plan Universal Sompo 92% Rs. 10 Lakhs Lifelong Renewal Option 30 days (60 days for prior information) 60 days Yes Yes,

Up to SI


1. Religare Care Health Plan

It is one of the best health insurance plans in India 2020 provided by the Religare Health Insurance Company. With comprehensive coverage, this health insurance plan is applicable as both individuals and family-floater plans. This plan comes with a lot of medical facilities.

These facilities include:

  • All sorts of coverage on hospital expenses
  • Patient care, ayurvedic, homeopathic, and Siddha treatment
  • You will get a bonus for every claim-free year. It comes in the form of a 50% increase in the insured amount and it can reach up to 100% of the insured sum.
  • It will also cover second opinion expenses, ambulance expenses, daily cash expenses, and tax benefits.

However, it will not cover the following:

  • Injury costs caused due to suicide
  • Congenital illness, HIV/AIDS
  • Injuries due to war, riots or illegal activities, infertility/pregnancy termination surgeries
  • Alcohol, and drug abuse treatments

2. Activ Assure Diamond Plan

As one of the best health insurance plans in India 2020 offered by Aditya Birla Health Insurance company, the plan offers the following:

  • All sorts of hospitalization expenses, daycare processes
  • Organ donor costs, ambulance costs, AYUSH covers
  • Room upgrade costs, daily charges, and second opinion costs
  • Even if the insured amount gets exhausted, it is reloaded again by the company.
  • This is one of the best health insurance plans in India in 2020. It offers a maximum insured amount of 2 crores.
  • There is also a reward policy to stay fit. It comes in the form of Health Returns.
  • The policyholders will have a health coach for tracking nutrition consumption and diet.

However, it doesn’t cover:

  • General disease costs, mental disorders, non-allopathy treatments
  • Obesity treatments or cosmetic surgeries, HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Suicidal or self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by war
  • Infertility treatment, alcohol/drug addiction treatments
  • Any medical treatments outside the country.

3. Health Companion Plan

The maximum insured amount in this health insurance plan is 1 crore. This health insurance plan is offered by Max Bupa. It includes a wide array of Sum Insured options for the policyholders.

The following are the benefits of the Health Companion Plan offered by Max Bupa.

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization for three consecutive days including all expenses
  • Emergency ambulance costs, animal bite vaccination costs
  • Refill of the insured sum, in-patient care costs, pre, and post-hospitalization charges
  • ICU charges, organ donor transplant charges
  • Expenses during the waiting period of a pre-existing disease

However, this health insurance plan will not cover the following:

  • HIV/AIDS treatment, Artificial Life maintenance
  • Ancillary hospital charges, hazardous activity injuries
  • Treatment costs from an unrecognized health center
  • A permanent neurological disorder, cosmetic surgery, obesity treatment
  • Unjustified hospitalization, puberty & menopausal disorders
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse treatments

4. My: Health Suraksha

As one of the top health insurance plans in India 2020, this plan covers you in multiple ways. Most importantly, this is a budget-friendly health insurance plan. It will cover you, your family and your newborn baby too.

The benefits of this plan include:

  • Pre and post hospitalization, daycare procedures, automatic refill of insured sum, newborn baby cover
  • Enhanced Cumulative bonus that offers a 10% increase in the insured amount. The maximum bonus is up to 100%.
  • Organ donor treatment costs, emergency ambulance costs, a second opinion expenses
  • There are renewal benefits of 5% for every claim-free year which can reach up to 50%.

However, the following costs are not covered in this plan.

  • War injuries or injuries due to illegal activities
  • Suicidal or self-inflicting injury treatments
  • HIV/AIDS treatment, drug abuse, alcoholism treatments
  • Cosmetic surgery, obesity/weight control treatments
  • All claims in 30 days of buying the policy apart from the accidental cases

5. Optima Restore Plan

Optima Restore Plan is offered by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Company. If you are looking for health insurance plans in India 2020 that takes care of its policyholders, then this is a good option. Not only it takes care of numerous health expenses, but it also rewards the policyholders to stay fit. Most importantly, the insured sum is restored when it gets exhausted.

Here are the benefits of this health insurance plan.

  • Complete daycare procedure expenses cover, pre and post hospitalization covers, organ donor coverage
  • Ambulance coverage, e-opinions, daily cash, domiciliary treatment, in-patient hospitalization
  • Critical advantage rider for those who have a basic insured sum of 10 lakhs
  • Waiting period costs for pre-existing diseases
  • Discounts according to the terms and conditions

The following are not included in this plan.

  • Any claims within 30 days of buying the insurance, apart from accidents
  • HIV/AIDS treatment expenses
  • Drug abuse/alcohol abuse treatments
  • Injuries caused by chemical, nuclear or biological weapons
  • Mental illness, Congenital diseases, non-allopathic treatments
  • Cosmetic surgery and obesity issues
  • You will get an exclusion of 2 years for certain diseases like Hernia, joint replacement, hysterectomy, cataract, and more.

6. Prohealth Plus Plan

This is a health plan that is offered by ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company. A very important factor of this plan is, it is self-sufficient and offers comprehensive coverage. Most importantly, it covers for policyholders living inside and outside the country.

This health insurance plan covers:

  • Worldwide emergency for patients outside India
  • Auto-refill of the insured sum, maternity charges, newborn baby expenses
  • Vaccination cover for the first year, free health checkup, second opinion expenses
  • Family floater plan including 2 adults and 3 children, cumulative bonus for claim-free years
  • Pre and post hospitalization cover, portability options, the free-look period for 15 days
  • Tax exemption and waiting period expenses for pre-existing diseases

However, this health insurance plan will not cover the following health issues:

  • Artificial life support related treatment expenses
  • Dyslexia, behavioral issues like ADHD, a routine checkup of ear and eye
  • Birth control treatments, contraceptives
  • Circumcision – unless the disease needs a surgery
  • Laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, obesity treatment
  • Diseases like Syphilis, genital warts, Herpes, Gonorrhea, and similar diseases

7. Lifeline Supreme

This is another top health insurance plan in India 2020 offered by the Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Company. It offers health insurance packages both for the family and the individual.

The following are the coverages offered in this health insurance plan.

  • Daycare treatments, ambulance coverages
  • No claim bonus for a claim-free year, auto refill of the insured sum
  • Vaccination charges in case of an animal bite, free health checkup
  • Worldwide emergency for patients outside India, second opinion expenses
  • Newborn baby coverage, maternity expense
  • Vaccination for a newborn baby, waiting for period expenses for a pre-existing disease

The following issues/diseases are not covered in this health insurance plan.

  • Injuries due to conflict and disaster, health hydros
  • Addictive condition treatments, obesity, sleep disorders, psychiatric treatment
  • Psychosomatic condition, reproductive disorder treatment, dental/oral treatment
  • Drugs and dressing required for OPD, congenital diseases, unprescribed X-ray
  • Treatments in an unauthorized health center

8. Family Health Optima

Star Health Insurance Company offers a Family health Optima plan. The best part of this plan is, this one is a super saver plan. It offers coverage for the whole family under a single plan.

Here is what the insurance plan covers:

  • Room rent facility with a sub-limit of Rs 5000, organ donor expenses
  • Air ambulance coverage, normal ambulance coverage
  • Newborn baby expenses, a bonus of 25% for every claim-free year
  • Alternative treatment (AYUSH) expenses, second opinion expenses

However, it doesn’t cover the following health issues.

  • Frenuloplasty, preputial dilation, circumcision, STD, psychiatric treatment, mental disorders
  • Congenital anomalies, abortion treatments, miscarriage or other related issues
  • Suicidal or self-injury, HIV/AIDS treatments, laser surgeries, refractive error correction
  • Treatment for endocrine diseases, sleep disorders
  • Injuries due to war, invasion, enemy attack, disaster, and similar injuries.

9. Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan

This is another great health insurance plan in India 2020 offered by the Star Health Insurance Company. As we grow old, health issues start becoming more and more common. Thus, it is important to have medical coverage to reduce the additional medical expenses in old age.

These are the benefits offered in this health insurance plan.

  • Hospitalization covers (pre and in-patient).
  • For post-hospitalization cover details please follow the brochure.
  • Pre-medical screening, ICU expenses,
  • Annual health checkups
  • Co-payment – 50% of every admissible claim (for the pre-existing diseases), 30% of every admissible claim

You will not get coverage for the following health issues:

  • Venereal diseases, STDs
  • Suicidal or self-injuries, congenital external condition
  • Inoculation or vaccination, convalescence, run-down condition or rest cure
  • Nutritional deficiency issues, cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries, dental treatments
  • Treatments for subfertility and other similar health issues

10. Essential Privilege Plan

The Essential Privilege Plan is offered by Universal Sompo. This is an all-round health insurance plan in India 2020. The company has excellent Incurred Claims Ratio and offers insurance for both family and floater plans. There is a wide array of coverages including newborn babies.

Here are the benefits of Essential Privilege Plan:

  • 141 daycare procedures, all sorts of hospitalization covers (pre, post, domiciliary, and in-patient)
  • Organ donor coverage, ambulance coverage, child coverage, vaccination coverages
  • Daily cash expenses in hospitals, critical illness coverage
  • Bonus coverage of 10% for every claim-free year
  • A grace period of 30 days for the policyholder
  • Tax exemption and pre-insurance health checkup

However, the following health issues are not included in this insurance policy.

  • Hearing disability, experimental/unauthorized treatment
  • Drugs/alcohol abuse treatment
  • Birth control or Infertility treatment
  • Sexual dysfunctions, suicidal or self-injuries
  • STD treatments
  • Injuries due to war or illegal activities
  • Mental health issues or psychiatric treatment

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