Tradebulls Review


Tradebulls Securities- Full Service Broker in India Review 2017:

Tradebulls was incorporated in the year 2009 and is located in Mumbai, India. It allows investors to trade in various financial segments like Equities, Commodity, currency, IPOs and Mutual Funds. It has the membership across NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX. It is registered as a depository participant with CDSL. It also impels in the direction of distributing financial products. It offers perfect product at lower price. It has worked a lot to perform better among numerous full service brokers functional in the stock market of India. Being a full service broker it surely avails the tips and recommendations for different trade opportunities. It also provides reports by daily evaluating the market trends. In this way it’s doing fine now a days.

A rupee saved is a rupee earned, Tradebulls follows the given statement. As it does not charge any demat account open and trading account opening fees. Other advantages it can bestow in the process of emerging higher is in the form of trading platforms, it provides. These platforms which help in trading fast, are discussed later in this article.

It is important for the investor, who has the thought of investing money value in the share market of India, to pick the right stock broker. The best one will then increase the quality of the trade. For an instance: If you select the broker who is better in offline trading, but doesn’t do well in online trading, then your trade might face loss. As these days online trading is emerged as a convenient stage for the traders in India. By analyzing properly you might realize the fact that offline trading has many limitations  than offline trading stage. The other feature that makes traders to invest through the low brokerage firms in India is the less service tax.

Account Opening Charges

Demat Account Open- Zero

Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges- Rs 350

Trading Account Open- Zero

Trading Account Annual Maintenance Charges- Zero


Tradebulls Brokerage Charges

Though it is a full service broker in India, It offers low brokerage charges to steer the clients in making good decision while selecting stock broker in India.

Equity Intraday0.02%
Equity Delivery0.2%
Equity F&O0.02% in F&O
Currency F&O0.01% in F&O


Tradebulls margin display

The exposure chart is shown below:

Equity Intraday10 times in Intraday
Equity Delivery3 to 5 times in delivery
Equity F&O2 times in Future and 3 times in Options
Currency F&O2 times in Future and 3 times in Options
Commodity3 times


Tradebulls Trading platform

 Tradebulls DIET

It is a software which is suitable for heavy traders, who pursue high volume traders. This terminal based software makes things easier for them. Activities become fast and there is ease at task due to the presence of multiple features. Some them are given below:

  • Highly advanced computational capabilities
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Fast real-time execution
  • Easy categorization of thousands of different types of transactions.
  • Multiple market watch on a single screen.
  • It has good efficiency.


Tradebulls CLIENT

This is a web based browser, where only login and password is required to access the trade zone. You can easily work on it by using any device such as  laptop, desktop, mobile app etc. Some of the basic features built in this trading platform are discussed below:

  • Secured authentication
  • Real time market quotes streaming.
  • You can analyze market properly as multiple windows can be opened on a single screen.
  • Transfer funds in and out of your account at will without hassles.
  • Cutting-edge & good technological features.

Tradebulls Mobile-App

The size of this app is 18.3 MB. But the app has not done well as it already got poor rating and reviews. Which shows the performance of the trade is not so good. So you can encounter many hung up issues with this product. Some attributes it holds are mentioned below:

  • You can directly call Relation Manager using this app.
  • You can have the elaborated reports on stock market of India.
  • Using this you can take advantage of trading any time dynamically.
  • You can follow your investments and trading activities any time.
  • You can easily send service request and get detailed information.


Customer Support of Tradebulls

While moving ahead in selecting a good broker, it is significant to be aware of the fact that how the client is handled by the broker and what are the brokerage offers, it provides to the customer to enjoy the service. Being not so good in terms of customer services, it has got many negative comments and reviews from the clients. It also lags behind other stock brokers in India in terms of resolving queries in a versatile manner. This category of Tradebulls really needs to be improved. So that it can rise above in the race of broking in Indian stock market.


Tradebulls PROS

  • Availability of different trading products.
  • Brokerage charges are not so high.
  • Allows trading in various financial segments.
  • Trading platform leads to efficient trade.

Tradebulls CONS

  • Tips and recommendations are not of expected level.
  • Customer service is below average.
  • Hung up issues in mobile app.
  • Hidden charges persist.